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Bill Frist & Andy Slavitt: Five bipartisan steps toward stabilizing our health-care system

Health / News September 11, 2017

Congress and the president have the opportunity to bring the cost of insurance premiums down and make a positive impact in the lives of many Americans.

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Affordable Care Act Advocates and Critics Agree on Health Care Recommendations

Health / Press Release August 30, 2017

BPC’s proposal also explains the federal budgetary cost of each recommendation and provides a menu of policy options Congress could enact to offset any new spending.

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Statement by BPC’s Future of Health Care Experts on Senate’s Unsuccessful Health Care Vote

Health / Press Release July 28, 2017

Statement from BPC’s Expert Panel on the Future of Health Care following the unsuccessful effort of the Senate to pass the Health Care Freedom Act.

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BPC Health Policy Experts Urge Congress to Extend CSR Subsidies by Mid-August

Health / Press Release July 24, 2017

Statement from the Bipartisan Policy Center Expert Panel on the Future of Health Care

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It’s Time to Set Aside Party Politics and Find Common Ground

Health / Press Release June 29, 2017

Washington, D.C.– The following is a statement from the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Expert Panel on the Future of Health Care: “As members of Congress return home to celebrate the Fourth of July and meet with constituents in their states and…

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BPC Announces New Health System Executive Council to Advise on Health Policy

Health / Press Release June 26, 2017

BPC is bringing together top executives from some of the nation’s leading hospital and health systems to help guide our Future of Health Care initiative.

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BPC and Health Affairs Blog Series

Health / News June 9, 2017

This five-part BPC and Health Affairs Blog series examines current issues and care models in the delivery system reform effort.

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BPC’s Next Steps for Improving Health Care in America

Health / Press Release May 4, 2017

The current political debate on health care is in part the result of the inability of the parties to work together and compromise.

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BPC Health Policy Experts Call for Extension of Cost-Sharing Reduction Subsidies

Health / Press Release April 13, 2017

Extending the cost-sharing reductions is necessary to make sure that Americans continue to have access to affordable health insurance in the individual market.

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BPC Hosts National Effort to Find Common Ground on Health Care Reform

Health / Press Release March 30, 2017

Washington, D.C.– The Bipartisan Policy Center is intensifying its efforts to serve as a resource to policymakers and to develop effective and politically viable solutions to our nation’s health care challenges. BPC has convened a bipartisan group of leading national…

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