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States’ rights? Not so much, when it comes to retirement savings

Economy / News February 16, 2017

The Republican-controlled Congress took aim this week at states that are creating retirement saving programs for workers who do not already have 401(k)s through their jobs.

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A Promising Approach to Expand Access to Workplace Retirement Savings

Economy / Research October 4, 2016

More than 40 million Americans are not covered by a workplace retirement savings plan. Employees of smaller businesses are especially likely to lack access.

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How fix a critical flaw in 401(k) plans

Economy / News July 14, 2016

Plenty of evidence shows that retirees are struggling with the reality of managing their savings, and they tend to fall into two camps regarding this issue.

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America isn’t saving enough for retirement. Can that be fixed before it’s too late?

Economy / News June 27, 2016

The aging of baby boomers and the looming funding crisis for Social Security have spurred candidates, lawmakers, and experts to propose ways to boost retirement savings.

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America May Finally Be Ready for Mandatory Retirement Savings

Economy / News June 22, 2016

Two new proposals, plus a groundswell of support for the idea both on and off Wall Street, suggest that we may see real movement toward expanded workplace retirement plans.

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Securing Our Financial Future

Economy / Research June 9, 2016

BPC’s plan aims to establish a better savings culture and renew the promise of an adequate retirement—across the income spectrum—for current and future generations.

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Is a mandatory U.S. retirement saving plan in your future?

Economy / News March 17, 2016

A mandatory retirement savings program might have a shot at success as part of a broader bipartisan attempt to address the looming retirement security crisis.

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Safeguarding Social Security and Other Retirement Policy Fixes

Economy / News February 11, 2015

Relatively modest changes could help many more Americans achieve a comfortable retirement. And that should be enough reason for policymakers to act.

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Retirement Security: A Diversity of Risks

Economy / Research October 7, 2014

Saving for and managing the risks surrounding retirement security can be a daunting task, as shown by these illustrative profiles.

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Disability and Retirement Security: New Research and Next Steps

Economy / October 20, 2016 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET

Experiencing a disability is a life-changing event, but too little attention has been given to the impact of disability on retirement security.

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