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House Rules Data

Donald R. Wolfensberger / Research October 11, 2018

Rules data on the 112th, 113th, 114th, and 115th Congresses, compiled by BPC resident scholar Donald Wolfensberger.

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Balanced Step-by-Step Immigration Reform Can Increase GDP, Reduce Budget Deficit

Immigration / Press Release May 21, 2015

Step-by-step immigration reform can have a powerful positive effect on the economy if it addresses multiple aspects of the immigration system.

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Assembling the Pieces: The Economics of Step-by-Step Immigration Reform

Immigration / Research May 21, 2015

BPC’s study establishes a basis to assess the macroeconomic and fiscal implications of different approaches to immigration reform.

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Energy Innovation Back on the Federal Agenda

Jason Burwen / Blog May 11, 2015

Lawmakers have made a number of proposals intended to drive more investment into energy technology research, development, and demonstration.

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Congress Making First Steps Toward Improved Effectiveness

Michael Thorning / Blog April 19, 2015

The index represents a new, long-term effort to bring accountability to Congress and answer the question: how is Congress governing?

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President’s Budget Proposes Savings from Immigration Reform

Theresa Cardinal Brown / Blog February 9, 2015

The president’s budget proposes nearly $160 billion in savings in the budget over its 10-year horizon from passage of immigration reform legislation.

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What to Watch for: FSOC’s January 21 Meeting

Justin Schardin, Aaron Klein / Blog January 19, 2015

The preliminary agenda includes an open discussion of the FSOC’s process for considering companies for potential designation as systemically important financial institutions.

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Profile of the 113th Congress

Donald R. Wolfensberger / Research January 3, 2013

Statistics on the composition of the 113th Congress, including ethnicity, gender, religion, occupation, party unity scores, and state delegations by size.

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