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Spring Trap: We can’t treat Yemen like the other Arab uprisings

By Michael Makovsky, Blaise Misztal and Jonathan Ruhe

The public uprisings spreading like wildfire from Tunisia to the Persian Gulf have been referred to collectively as the “Arab Spring.” But in fact, as the Obama administration crafts its policy responses, it should strive to avoid this unifying narrative, lest it obscure the unique challenges faced by each country, as well as the distinctive ramifications that each uprising has for U.S. interests.

Today, this is nowhere more true than in Yemen, where a fractious mix of insurgents, tribes, Al Qaeda, and secessionists could spark violent chaos if the current president were to leave office, with significant strategic implications for the United States.

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The co-authors make up the project staff for the BPC’s National Security Project. NSP recently released an updated case study, Fragility and Extremism in Yemen.

This article was originally published by The New Republic. Read the full version here.

2011-03-31 00:00:00

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