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Creative Solutions

BPC brings diverse, expert, and interested parties together to hammer out politically viable solutions.

  • The Economic Policy Project recommended using “accelerated regular order” to prevent the fiscal cliff, turn off the sequester, and advance passage of a comprehensive debt reduction package.
  • The Foreign Policy Project recommended steps to demonstrate a stronger credible military threat to Iran, including the sale of KC-135 Stratotanker aerial refueling tankers and 200 GBU-31 bunker-buster munitions to Israel. The project also stressed the importance of regular independent assessments of the effectiveness of sanctions.
  • The Energy Project recommended that the executive branch establish a Quadrennial Energy Review to develop objectives and metrics, review existing federal policies and programs, assess data-collection efforts, and propose executive actions.

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“Pragmatic policy solutions should never be held hostage by partisan agendas. That’s why the role of the Bipartisan Policy Center is so important?to provide thoughtful, constructive ideas that can earn the support of Republicans and Democrats alike.”

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE)

In 2012, BPC received a 50 percent increase in press mentions over 2011, and secured more than 70 op-ed placements. BPC’s experts appeared on TV and radio nearly 200 times.


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