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Rebooting the American Workforce post-COVID-19 – BPC & Politico Event Recap

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On July 16, POLITICO held a deep-dive conversation, sponsored by the Bipartisan Policy Center, exploring federal policies needed to reboot the American workforce and the economy.

BPC’s Jackie Rodriguez kicked off the discussion emphasizing three actions Congress should take now to expand the emergency paid leave programs to help more American workers: lift the 500-employee cap, expand coverage to new parents, and extend the program to June of 2021 to cover a potential second wave of the virus.

Chairman of the Education and Labor Committee, Bobby Scott (VA-03) followed with a lively talk on reopening schools and getting Americans back to work safely.

The event concluded with a panel discussion featuring Brooke Rollins, Director of Domestic Policy Council & Co-chair for the National Council for the American Worker; Neil Bradley, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Offer for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and Marianne Wanamaker, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Tennessee.

Watch the full conversation here.

The conversation was robust and covered many topics. Key takeaways include:

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