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Question of the Week: Women in Politics

?To solicit public opinion from around the country, the Commission on Political Reform (CPR) will propose a series of questions ahead of each of the national conversations. At these events, CPR will aggregate comments and questions from the social web and incorporate them into the program in real time. Question


How do you think having more women in Congress affects the legislative process?

You can also post your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to us at @BPC_Bipartisan using the #EngageUSA hashtag, or leave a message on our Facebook wall.

Previous Questions

Do you think Congress should address issues piecemeal or attempt comprehensive solutions?

Do you socialize with those of differing political views?

How does the federal budget affect the decisions you make about your family’s finances?

Has the rise of partisanship made it harder or easier for you to discuss politics and public policy issues with family, friends or colleagues?

Are you more likely to vote for a candidate who pledges to work across the aisle or one who adheres strictly to a single ideology?

Does the division in Washington reflect the true make-up of the country?

2013-04-16 00:00:00

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