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New Border Apprehensions Data Shows More Families and Children Arriving at the U.S. Border

Cristobal Ramón March 18, 2019

A still-increasing number of families and unaccompanied children from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border seeking asylum.

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Lingering Effects of the 2018 Trustees Report: A Trump Medicare Proposal

Kody Carmody March 15, 2019

An aging population and increasing growth of healthcare costs have put Medicare’s finances on an unsustainable path.

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Making it Count: Businesses Have an Essential Role for Supporting 2020 Census

Nick Hart March 8, 2019

Every 10 years our country undertakes the monumental task of counting individuals in every household across the country. It’s an all-hands-on-deck effort to ensure the information is accurate, including support from researchers, communities, elected leaders, and businesses. In February 2019,…

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Big Idea #6: Provide Education and Incentives for Innovative Finance Approaches

This post is the second post in a series focused on solving the $2 trillion infrastructure funding gap and positioning the United States for the future. Public Private Partnerships (P3) could play a vital role in addressing the nation’s infrastructure needs.  However, most…

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Q&As about Creating an Integrated Efficient Early Care and Education System to Support Children and Families: A State-by-State Analysis

Education March 8, 2019

This Q&A covers some of the questions we received during a webinar on a report released recently, as well as more general questions about the report.

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Breaking Down BPC’s New Debt Limit “X Date” Projection

Shai Akabas, Jack Rametta March 6, 2019

Earlier this week, BPC updated and narrowed its projection of the debt limit “X Date” — the date when the government can no longer meet all of its obligations in full and on time — to fall 2019.

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Border Security and Humanitarian Aid Both Benefit from Increased Surge Capacity

Cristobal Ramón March 6, 2019

The U.S. immigration system has a capacity problem. We continue to rely on border enforcement policy that is unable to adequately handle migrant surges caused by humanitarian crises.

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Infrastructure Big Idea #1: Authorize a New Direct Payment Infrastructure Bond

There remains private capital on the sidelines that could be used to repair, replace, upgrade, and modernize the nation’s infrastructure.

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Six Big Ideas for Infrastructure

To solve the $2 trillion funding gap and position the United States for the future, any infrastructure effort should include these six big ideas

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Home-based Child Care: How Does it Fit in the Early Childhood Ecosystem

Linda Smith February 26, 2019

Home-based child care is an important part of our nation’s economic growth, and this report should spur a more important discussion about the place of home-based care in our early childhood ecosystem.

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