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Will Congress Stay Dysfunctional Course Amid Election Year?

Governance May 31, 2018

Committees in the House and Senate are reporting high numbers of bills to the floor yet leadership in both chambers has severely curtailed the ability of members to offer amendments on the floor.

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Importance of Federal Support for Science Research

Kimberly Dean, Rachel May May 25, 2018

On May 8th, Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) hosted an event on “Investing in the Nation’s Future – A Renewed Commitment to Federal Science Funding” in partnership with The Science Coalition. Eric K. Fanning, the President and CEO of Aerospace Industries…

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White House Roundtable Highlights Challenges and Successes for Government Data Uses

Nick Hart May 25, 2018

BPC participated in a roundtable convened at the White House on May 23 to discuss how government can better use its data to support government operations.

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Dockless Bikes and Scooters: The Rise of Micro-Mobility

Jake Varn May 21, 2018

If dockless bikes and scooters can sustain their popularity and utility, while addressing public safety concerns, they have the potential to have a transformative impact. 

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Congress Clearly Signals Better Evidence Needed in Setting Drug Control Policy

Some data collection mechanisms have long existed to enable tracking of trends and monitoring broad conditions about government drug policy.

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Will the Trump White House Hold Agencies Accountable for Performance Improvements?

Nick Hart May 15, 2018

The new directive clarifies that the Trump administration intends to continue processes similar to those undertaken by recent Republican and Democratic administrations.

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Timing of Iran Decision Hints at Trump Strategy on North Korea

Blaise Misztal May 9, 2018

The significance of the president’s address on the Iran nuclear deal lies not so much in what he said, but when he said it. 

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TIGER Changes Its Stripes

Jake Varn, Andy Winkler May 3, 2018

Important developments have affected a critical source of infrastructure funding, the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) discretionary grant program.

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ARPA-E Funding Certainty Matters

Erin Smith May 2, 2018

ARPA-E’s unique approach fills an important gap in the energy technology development cycle. America’s success in these markets will depend on whether we empower it

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Women-Owned Small Businesses Doubled in Two Decades (and 5 Other Interesting Statistics)

John Soroushian May 2, 2018

From 1997 to 2017 the number of small businesses grew by 44 percent, while the number of women-owned small businesses grew by 114 percent.

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