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The Highway Trust Fund Has a Numbers Problem

Jake Varn May 24, 2019

For 63 years, the federal Highway Trust Fund has supported the construction and maintenance of our nation’s highways and transit systems. But it’s going broke (again).

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Lessons Learned from Last Week’s Ways and Means Hearing On Paid Leave

Paid leave was front and center on Wednesday, May 8, as the Ways and Means Committee held the first-ever House hearing on paid family and medical leave.

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Tracking Legislation That Will Advance Clean Energy Innovation Solutions in the 116th Congress

Lindsay Steves May 13, 2019

BPC is tracking bipartisan legislation introduced in the 116th Congress that could advance U.S. clean energy solutions and reduce carbon emissions.

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Need Child Care? There may be more Opportunities Than You Think

Linda Smith, Sarah Tracey May 10, 2019

When the opportunity presents itself to join advocates and stakeholders who understand housing and economic development, it is only fitting that early childhood advocates “partner up.”

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Treasury Has $600 Billion Left to Finance the Government: How Long Will It Last?

The debt limit was reinstated from its latest suspension on March 2, 2019. Since then, the Treasury Department has been deploying so-called “extraordinary measures,” that buy limited additional time.

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CFPB’s Next Phase

John Soroushian May 2, 2019

The issues facing CFPB are critical to Main Street consumers and business, so the public would benefit from an effective agency that is not at the center of partisan controversy.

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New Congress, But Still Up to Its Old Tricks

Michael Thorning April 30, 2019

Our assessment of the 116th Congress is that both the House and the Senate are acting a lot like their recent predecessors. That’s good and bad.

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Understanding the New Social Security Projections in Five Charts

Jack Rametta, Kara Watkins April 26, 2019

Social Security’s trust funds are headed towards depletion. If that happened, it would translate to drastic benefit cuts for current and future beneficiaries.

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Immigration Detention in the United States: A Primer

Katie Sullivan April 24, 2019

To remain in the U.S. without authorization is an administrative violation of the law. For this reason, immigration detention is civil in nature, and therefore distinct from criminal incarceration.

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Gang Violence and Human Rights Violations Drive Migrants to Seek Protection in Mexico

Cristobal Ramón April 22, 2019

An increasing number of individuals are seeking and receiving humanitarian protection in Mexico for gang-related threats and human rights violations.

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