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Regulate Non-Banks by Focusing on Products and Activities

John Soroushian September 20, 2017

There are serious concerns about the systemic risks posed by the non-bank sector and these concerns should be addressed through proper regulation.

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DACA Rescinded: An Overview of the Trump Administration’s Decision to End DACA

Cristobal Ramón September 19, 2017

It remains to be seen which bills from Congress emerge as a permanent solution the 800,000 or more DACA recipients in the United States.

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Treasury Review Should Revamp Bankruptcy Code, Not Strip Regulators of Emergency Powers

John Soroushian, Justin Schardin September 15, 2017

The ideal solution for the too-big-to-fail problem is to allow firms to fail in an orderly manner through an improved Bankruptcy Code.

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New York’s Free College Plan: Benefits and Shortcomings

Kenneth Megan September 7, 2017

New York’s “Excelsior Scholarship” program has admirable goals but also several drawbacks that have stirred up controversy.

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DACA Announcement: What Does It Mean?

Theresa Cardinal Brown September 5, 2017

Learn what the Trump administration’s announcement to terminate the DACA program means.

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Hurricane Harvey and the Critical Importance of Stormwater Infrastructure

Jake Varn September 5, 2017

Any city, no matter how well-prepared, would have been overwhelmed by Hurricane Harvey, but it was Houston’s old and aging infrastructure that left it uniquely exposed.

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Harvey Raises Stakes on Debt Limit Debate

Shai Akabas, Tim Shaw, Jack Rametta September 5, 2017

Hurricane Harvey relief spending will have minimal effect on BPC’s “X Date” range, but the urgent need for funds raises the stakes for policymakers to come to a deal to extend the debt limit.

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The Great American Rebuild

Infrastructure August 31, 2017

Among the most important challenges facing our nation today is the need to invest in infrastructure. Today, we are living at risk: driving on eroding roads and bridges, questioning whether our water is safe to drink, and falling behind economically. With these problems growing worse, it’s time for the Great American Rebuild.

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Iraqi Kurds Seek Independence Vote

Nicholas Danforth August 30, 2017

If Washington cannot persuade Barzani to postpone the referendum, the challenge will be to carefully manage the post-referendum diplomacy.

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Immigrants in the Military: A History of Service

Immigration August 16, 2017

Explore the history of immigrant involvement in the U.S. armed forces and the crucial work they do today.

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