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The New York Times: The Deficit, Real vs. Imagined

Columnist David Leonhardt says that “the goal of deficit reduction can’t simply be arithmetic. It has to be philosophical, as well”:

“Eventually, the country will have to confront the deficit we have, rather than the deficit we imagine. The one we imagine is a deficit caused by waste, fraud, abuse, foreign aid, oil industry subsidies and vague out-of-control spending. The one we have is caused by the world’s highest health costs (by far), the world’s largest military (by far), a Social Security program built when most people died by 70 — and to pay for it all, the lowest tax rates in decades.

To put it in budgetary terms, the deficit we imagine comes largely from discretionary spending. The one we have comes partly from discretionary spending but mostly from everything else: tax rates, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”


Read about our deficit plan, Restoring America’s Future , here.

2011-06-22 00:00:00

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