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Faith-Based Child Care Data: A Clarification

Faith-based child care providers are an important part of the child care landscape across the United States. In May 2021, BPC’s Early Childhood Initiative studied the issue of faith based child care, conducted a national survey of parents in partnership with Morning Consult, and published a report on the role that faith-based child care providers play in the child care ecosystem. Unfortunately a piece of data from that report has been cited incorrectly, and the erroneous data has been picked up and this mischaracterization shared.

Through our national survey, we found that 31% of working-parent households used center-based care. Out of that 31%, we found that 53% of those families used a faith-based child care center. Therefore, we found that roughly 15% of all working parents use faith-based child care centers.

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To read the full report, click here. To watch a recording of our event on faith-based child care, click here. All of our surveys with Morning Consult can be found here. For all other questions please reach out to BPC’s Early Childhood Initiative Director Linda Smith at [email protected]

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