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Economic Policy Takes Center Stage on Campaign Trail

The federal budget, college affordability, immigration and infrastructure are among the key topics on the presidential campaign trail this week, as Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton laid out her economic policy agenda in a speech today at the New School in Manhattan.

Get up to speed with BPC’s recent work in these critical policy areas:

Federal budget >> In May, BPC released specific, “scoreable” policy proposals to set the federal budget on a sustainable, long-term path for debt reduction and economic growth. BPC’s plan addresses both entitlement and tax reform.

College affordability >> Total outstanding student loan balances are now approaching $1.2 trillion, forcing younger generations to delay retirement savings and household formation.

Personal savings >> Tomorrow at BPC, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Derek Kilmer (D-WA) will outline promising new initiatives that can help working Americans increase their savings for emergencies, near-term needs, and retirement.

Infrastructure >> BPC’s Executive Council on Infrastructure is exploring ways that the business community can bridge America’s infrastructure funding gap. The council’s goal is to better connect private capital to American infrastructure—tapping billions of dollars that could be available for this purpose but are currently targeted elsewhere.

Immigration reform >> Effective immigration reform can be a powerful step toward economic revitalization. View BPC’s analysis on the economics of step-by-step immigration reform.

Child care >> A recent BPC report examined the role and future of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

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