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Credible Analysis

Policymakers and the public face a deluge of opinions about important policy issues – but where can they find trusted and reliable analysis? To inform our own policy recommendations and provide objective analysis to policymakers, the media and the public, BPC regularly produces in-depth research and analysis.

For example, BPC played a significant role in the major fiscal debates of 2012.

The Economy Policy Project:

  • Explained in detail the history, mechanics and impacts of the sequester.
  • Produced comparisons of FY 2013 budget proposals from President Barack Obama, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the House Democrats, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Republican Study Committee and Representatives Jim Cooper and Steve LaTourette.
  • Produced an interactive timeline explaining the fiscal cliff.
  • Provided analysis of the imminent debt ceiling.
  • In collaboration with the Foreign Policy Project, outlined how the sequester would undermine the capability and readiness of America’s armed forces.

“Even the most difficult issues are not beyond the scope of principle and rational compromise. Partisan divides do not need to stand in the way of progress.” 

Former Senate Majority Leader and BPC Co-founder Tom Daschle

“I am pleased to be a part of the Bipartisan Policy Center, which provides an environment to bring together divergent perspectives among Republicans and Democrats to develop consensus around innovative policy solutions.”

Former Governor and BPC Immigration Task Force Co-chair Haley Barbour

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