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Bringing People Together

Political polarization is all too real, as an increasing number of Americans prefer to associate only with their ideological allies. In a recent BPC/USA TODAY poll, 65 percent of Americans say their spouses or significant others are of the same political party, and 48 percent say their friends are primarily of the same party. But every week, BPC fosters civil conversations among individuals with widely diverging viewpoints. Through more than 70 public dialogues a year as well as private meetings and social events, BPC gathers principled partisans and encourages them to constructively debate their differences, explore solutions to contentious issues, and find common ground.

“Now we’re in a tremendous time of polarization, which makes the work of BPC so very, very important.”


Republican Political Strategist Brett O’Donnell

“If you’re coming to divide, go away. If you’re coming to bring us solutions, let’s figure it out.”

Mary Matalin

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