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BPC Roundtable Series Exploring Energy Permitting Reform

Accelerating our permitting process for clean energy and other infrastructure projects is critical to lowering emissions, reducing energy costs, increasing energy reliability, and enhancing American energy and supply chain security.

With recent momentum to move legislation that reforms the permitting process of energy projects, the Bipartisan Policy Center has hosted a series of private roundtables on the topic. These roundtables bring together industry, environmental, legal, and government expertise from across the political spectrum to explore a menu of policy options on specific permitting topics. The goal of each roundtable is to weigh the pros and cons of specific policy recommendations and identify policies that can drive impact and garner bipartisan support. As Members of Congress and their congressional staff work to move a durable solution through Congress, these issue briefs provide perspective on where consensus can be built.

The below issue briefs capture sentiments and insights shared during the roundtables, as well as provide background information on the specific permitting issue area.

BPC Permitting Reform Issue Briefs

  1. Public Engagement Issue Brief
  2. Permitting Linear Infrastructure Issue Brief (i.e., transmission and pipelines)
  3. Judicial Review Issue Brief
  4. Remaining NEPA Reforms Issue Brief
  5. Permitting and Licensing Reform for Nuclear Energy
  6. Tech Specific Permitting Needs

Additionally, for an overview of recent permitting changes made in the recently enacted Fiscal Responsibility Act check out our blog.

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