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BPC in the News: The Best of this Week's Press, March 18 - March 22


Governor Haley Barbour in The Washington Post

“I am very comfortable with a path to citizenship,” Barbour told reporters at a Bipartisan Policy Center briefing. “It should be more strenuous than the path for people who come here under the regular rules.”



Senator Olympia Snowe on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports

“I am so pleased to join the Bipartisan Policy Center because it is a can do operation.”

Governors Ed Rendell and Haley Barbour on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Immigration Task Force co-chairs former Governors Ed Rendell and Haley Barbour discuss the Bipartisan Policy Center’s work on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Watch the video here.


Rebecca Tallent in The Christian Science Monitor

“There are a lot of things that have to fall into place in kind of a perfect fashion in a timeline that a lot of people are talking about in the next four to five months,” says Rebecca Tallent, a former chief of staff to immigration reform veteran Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona, who is now leading an immigration reform commission at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.



Don Wolfensberger in ROLL CALL

GOP Sen. Everett McKinley Dirksen of Illinois was asked by a reporter in 1964, when he was minority leader, what he thought of a proposed change in filibuster rules. “Well,” he replied in his distinctive basso profundo, “Ha, ha, ha; and, I might add, ho, ho, ho.”

The Senate and the American people were reminded two weeks ago of what a real filibuster is when Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., held forth for nearly 13 hours on the nomination of John O. Brennan to be CIA director.

Paul was using the debate to get an answer from the administration as to whether the president has authority to use aerial drones to kill noncombatant American citizens on U.S. soil. His efforts paid off when Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. sent him a letter later that day stating the president did not.

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