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A Bold, Bipartisan Response to the Housing Affordability Crisis

Housing is unaffordable for too many families. Millions of households are paying rents that consume more than 50% of their monthly paychecks, while millions of others are unable to afford their first home purchase. At the heart of today’s housing affordability crisis is the acute shortage of affordable rental homes and entry-level homeownership options. A bipartisan majority of Americans want Congress to act. To chart a path forward, the Bipartisan Policy Center and BPC Action have developed a legislative package that reflects proposals from both Democrats and Republicans.

The package seeks to improve housing affordability using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Increasing supply
  2. Preserving the existing stock of affordable homes
  3. Helping families afford and access housing with a series of “demand-side” initiatives

Click here to read the American Housing Act of 2023.

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