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Background for Components of Step 2 (Savings of $1.2 Trillion)

The following are detailed descriptions of the recommendations in Step 2 of the deficit reduction framework that the Task Force has outlined. The proposals include healthcare savings, cuts to other mandatory spending programs, modest additional cuts to discretionary spending, and revenue increases. The list of policies are drawn from Restoring America’s Future (BPC), the BPC Task Force’s original deficit reduction proposal, and also have been expanded to include measures from: the Simpson-Bowles Fiscal Commission (FC), the Coburn-Lieberman health reform Plan (CL), President Obama’s Deficit Reduction Plan (Obama), Sen. Tom Coburn’s Back in Black, and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) budget options. Additionally, some of the proposals were reportedly endorsed by the Biden-Cantor discussions (BC), or were included in the House Republican budget (House GOP).

Background for Components of Step 2.pdf 1.5 MB

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