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BPC Team: Economic Policy Project

School: Carnegie Mellon University ’18

Major: Master in Public Policy and Management

Future Plans: I’m really interested in social policy. I’d like to do something like analyze policies related to income inequality and economic opportunity.

BPC Intern Duties: Daily, I’ve written drafts for a lot of different blogs, which has been really cool. It stays interesting because I’ll research topics for just a couple of days. Each week it’s something different which is neat. It’s like you have the opportunity to become an expert on a lot of different topics.

For my long-term project, I helped with the higher education project. It’s really cool because even the blogs and stuff I work on during the day are all connected to things the team will be researching. It’s cool to be involved in the initial groundwork stages of researching and stuff.

Best Intern Memory: I think my favorite part is the brown bag lunches we’d have when the different BPC teams presented things they’d been working on.

On the importance of bipartisanship: I think bipartisanship is important because it’s the only way that we are ever going to actually get things done, help people and improve government. BPC really is involved in those final stages.

On being in Washington, DC: My impression of D.C. has been that it’s a lot smaller than I thought. Maybe not the city itself, but the political community because I’ve run into people I know on the street several times.