Ideas. Action. Results.

This is a pivotal moment for U.S. defense strategy. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that defined the last decade are winding down as attention shifts toward other threats, including Iran, Pakistan and China. Meanwhile, political pressure over ballooning federal deficits has already forced cuts to defense spending, along with other parts of the budget, with additional reductions set to go into effect in 2013 and over the following decade. These debates cannot be undertaken separately: defense spending decisions should not undercut security but be informed by a strategic vision; grand strategy, on the other hand, must be translated into operational requirements and fit into fiscal constraints.

The objective of this project is to devise a defense strategy that is both effective and affordable. It will proceed by producing a robust and comprehensive strategy that identifies and prioritizes threats, developing approaches for dealing with them, matching those with operational capabilities, personnel requirements and organizational structures, and formulating a sustainable budget that adequately funds the capabilities needed to secure our nation without burdening future generations with overwhelming debt.