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Sanders interview causes uproar

The Hill

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders’s comments to the New York Daily News about banks are at the center of the biggest fight in the Democratic presidential primary to date.

Sanders has frequently used Wall Street as a cudgel against rival Hillary Clinton, but the muddy interview allowed Clinton to put him on defense over what has been his core strength.

It was a surprising turn of events and one that has led to the most bitter stretch yet in the contentious race for the Democratic nomination.

The basic responses the Vermont senator gave to the Daily News’ editorial board gave Clinton an opening.

In the interview, Sanders said he was not sure if the Federal Reserve had the ability to break up the nation’s biggest banks but that he would push that approach through his administration…

“Any plan to break up the banks would have to answer a lot of practical questions,” said Justin Schardin, acting director of the Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “Where do customers go? If a bank were to have to breakup just on account of size, would you get to keep your bank account?”

Clinton seized on the remarks, which also attracted some media criticism, and painted Sanders as not having a plan to follow through on his ambitious agenda of dismantling the biggest names in finance.