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Republicans Eye Tax Overhaul Tactics

Roll Call

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mitt Romney has not filled in details of  what the tax code would look like if he wins the presidential election, but conservatives in Washington, D.C., are formulating ambitious plans for how to get an overhaul through Congress.

Despite the Republican nominee’s promise to work Democrats on a tax package, senior GOP strategists have been discussing ways to enact major tax changes next year with little or no Democratic support if Republicans control  the White House and have a Senate majority.

Although Senate rules make it difficult to pass legislation with fewer than 60 votes, both parties have sought routes around that obstacle. Republicans, if they do better than projected in next week’s elections, would be following a recent tradition by exploring such options…

“One should not assume that the parliamentary terrain cannot be changed, because we did it dramatically and changed the entire way the Senate approaches legislation 31 years ago,” said Steve Bell, a former Republican staff director of the Senate Budget Committee who helped write the first major reconciliation bill in 1981 and is now a senior economic adviser at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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Roll Call