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Leading agribusiness executives: Improving food security amid growing environmental challenges

The Hill

Thursday, May 26, 2016

We believe agriculture has a central role in promoting long-term sustainability of the world’s food supply, economy, and environment.

We’ve seen tremendous progress during the past half-century to help reduce hunger and improve food security around the world. Yet today, we are faced with a complex set of new challenges for food production. These include a growing global population, especially in the developing world, new pressures on water availability and water scarcity, and the effects of climate change on precipitation, soil moisture, extreme weather events, and the viability of some farmland.

Leaders in the private sector and in government must address these challenges to ensure safe and secure food supplies going forward. For this reason, today we are releasing a new report, Food for Thought: A Call to Action on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture. Our goal is to raise awareness of the headwinds we face in food security, and to work with all stakeholders—consumers, farmers and ranchers, food retailers, scientists, academics, governments, NGOs and others in our industry—to address these long-term challenges.