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Election-year spending battles will test Speaker Boehner and Republicans

The Hill

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Democratic aide said that the White House would likely love to portray Republicans as seeking to shut down the government over spending cuts.

“The White House would love that fight. It seriously tarnished the House majority’s image last time,” the aide said.

But the aide predicted Boehner is too savvy to allow that to happen, and would pass a resolution at current spending levels.

“Boehner does not want an appropriations fight. He wants a tax fight and a regulations fight,” the aide said.

Steve Bell, a former Republican Senate budget staffer now at the Bipartisan Policy Center agreed.

“The last thing in the world the Republicans would need at that time is that another case where Democrats can say Republicans are trying to shut down the government,” Bell said. “It is the worst possible moment.”

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The Hill