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Doug Peterson: Partners in Infrastructure

U.S. News & World Report

Friday, June 9, 2017

America’s business leaders see an urgent need for a new approach and joined together to look for alternative solutions. Our recent report laid out steps to grow an American infrastructure market that is competitive in attracting new sources of capital, and more successful at capturing 21st century efficiencies and innovations.

Private-sector partners bring more than just capital to partnerships with federal, state and local leaders to address infrastructure needs. While capital is an important part of the partnership, the private sector also brings expertise, cost-saving ideas and innovations, as well as the keen ability to evaluate and take on board the risks that exist throughout a project’s life-cycle.

While not a silver bullet, public-private partnerships are a vital tool in the infrastructure arsenal. By leveraging the private sector as a partner, governments can deliver modern infrastructure projects, of all shapes and sizes, faster and at a lower cost to taxpayers.