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Dan Glickman: As Americans, We Must Heal This Country Post Election

The Huffington Post

Monday, November 7, 2016

With just one day left in the 2016 election cycle, everything is doom and gloom. Americans are an optimistic people generally, but you wouldn’t know it from the last few months. In fact, over 50% of Americans say that this election cycle is causing them significant anxiety.

Government, in general, has been a cause of anxiety and frustration for Americans for several years. Dysfunction, hyper-partisanship and what appears to be a total lack of understanding about the lives of real American families are the obvious qualities of American government lately.

But enough has to be enough. The public should not tolerate four more years of gridlock, no matter who wins on November 8. So what should the next White House administration and the 115th Congress do to rebuild its standing in the eyes of the American people?

First, the next president should create a cabinet with a diversity of political views to represent both the left, right and middle. Americans need to see that we can all be, and all are, on the same team. There may be disagreements on policy but there is room to unify around some common visions for the country. The next president must also show respect for the vanquished in the way in which they deal with the Congress.