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6 Ways Romney Can Break Out of His Campaign Funk

The Fiscal Times

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The controversy over his years at Bain Capital appears to have died down. But Steve Bell and a handful of other Republican strategists believe that Romney should try harder to translate his years of experience as a private equity investor at Bain Capital into a campaign plus.

According to Bell, Romney should stress that most of his work was on behalf of pension funds, and mutual funds – institutions overwhelmingly representing individuals, university endowments, pensions — the things that impact the average working man and woman.”

Bell said that Romney should say, “When we did well, we were doing well for those institutions.  We were, in turn, doing well for their constituents.  . . .  If we had failed, we would have been failing a lot of 401(k)s, a lot of future retirees, and a lot of universities.”

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The Fiscal Times