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Why Fannie and Freddie Need Newer Credit Scoring Models

Housing / News April 8, 2019

While FICO was once widely relied on as the only provider in town, alternative credit scores are on the rise.

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If Your Taxes Are a Complicated Mess, You’re Not Alone

Economy / News April 8, 2019

Americans spend too much time, money and energy each year trying to understand and follow the tax code

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How Is Congress Handling Opioids? We Followed the Money

Health / News April 1, 2019

To provide one-time funding is to treat addiction as if it were an acute condition, instead of a chronic one.

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Women’s Entrance to the Workforce Is Slowing, and That’s a Problem

Education / News April 1, 2019

Congress must act to help the U.S. catch up with other advanced economies.

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Linda Smith: Child Care Is Infrastructure. We Should Treat It That Way

Education / News March 25, 2019

Working parents, already faced with the challenges of finding and paying for high-quality child care, are frequently forced to accept a poor-quality facility because it’s the only option they have.

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Nick Hart: Yes, Trump’s Budget Really Does Promote Evidence-Based Policies

Evidence / News March 25, 2019

Here’s something about the budget that wasn’t as predictable: the Trump administration is leading the government to become more evidence-based.

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Video: Elon Musk’s Las Vegas High-Speed Tunnel Could Launch Stalled Projects Across the Country

Infrastructure / News March 18, 2019

Michele Nellenbach gives her opinion on Elon Musk’s vision to create high-speed transit tunnels to help solve the nation’s high infrastructure cost for a fraction of the price might finally come to fruition out in the desert.

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Video: Jason Grumet on Ending Washington Gridlock

Governance / News March 18, 2019

BPC president Jason Grumet talks about legislative proposals and budget process changes that could help end Washington gridlock.

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Another University is Imploding. The Federal Government Must Do More

Archived / News March 11, 2019

As Congress ramps up discussions around reauthorizing the Higher Education Act, yet another large for-profit university chain is teetering on the verge of financial collapse.

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