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How Foreign Aid Helps Americans

Health / News March 22, 2017

Protecting Americans, preventing epidemics, strengthening markets, saving lives: aid delivers phenomenal benefits, and for a bargain.

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States’ rights? Not so much, when it comes to retirement savings

Economy / News February 16, 2017

The Republican-controlled Congress took aim this week at states that are creating retirement saving programs for workers who do not already have 401(k)s through their jobs.

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New Treasury secretary’s first job: Avert a crisis

Economy / News February 13, 2017

Now that Steven Mnuchin has been confirmed as Treasury secretary, his top priority will have nothing to do with tax reform.

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An immigration policy worth ending

Immigration / News February 12, 2017

President Trump says he wants to tighten those aspects of our nation’s immigration laws that reward low-priority entrants or pose threats to national security.

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The battle continues over travel ban

Immigration / News February 4, 2017

Theresa Cardinal Brown, director of immigration policy talks to CNN’s Jonathan Mann about new developments on the travel ban.

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Trump’s constant chaos accomplishes nothing

Economy / News February 3, 2017

Whatever elation Republicans experienced after an election that gave them majorities in both houses and won them the White House has morphed into anxiety, exhaustion and frustration.

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The unknowns about currency

Economy / News February 1, 2017

It’s probably not a stretch to say that the House GOP’s destination-based cash flow tax relies on the dollar appreciating to work.

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President Trump Issues Sweeping Travel Ban

Immigration / News January 28, 2017

Theresa Cardinal Brown of the Bipartisan Policy Center talks to CNN’s Jonathan Mann about the chaos at airports following the ban.

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BPC’s John Fortier Discusses Voter Fraud on WTOP

Governance / News January 27, 2017

BPC’s John Fortier joined WTOP radio in Washington to discuss claims of voter fraud in the 2016 election and why Americans can rest assured that there were not millions of illegal votes cast.

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Trump’s Fevered Executive Orders Leave Capitol Hill in Chaos

Immigration / News January 26, 2017

Trump’s executive order on border security set in motion the construction of U.S.-Mexico border wall that could cost well more than $14 billion.

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