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Bill Frist & Andy Slavitt: Five bipartisan steps toward stabilizing our health-care system

Health / News September 11, 2017

Congress and the president have the opportunity to bring the cost of insurance premiums down and make a positive impact in the lives of many Americans.

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9/11 Commission Chairmen: To defeat terrorists, we must defeat their ideas

National Security / News September 8, 2017

Though the U.S. has put ISIS on the defensive, it still struggles to effectively combat its dangerous ideologies.

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BPC’s Shai Akabas explains the debt ceiling in plain English

Economy / News September 5, 2017

BPC’s Shai Akabas discusses the debt ceiling and the dangers of not raising it.

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Steve Bell: Paul Ryan has a lot of questions to answer when it comes to tax reform

Economy / News August 23, 2017

BPC’s Steve Bell writes on The Hill about Paul Ryan’s plans for tax reform.

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Turkish democracy might be dead

National Security / News August 16, 2017

Until recently, the Turkish state, for all of its problems, enjoyed a strong institutional foundation.

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BPC’s Blaise Misztal reports on ‘Special Report’

National Security / News August 9, 2017

The rogue regime has made a nuclear warhead small enough to fit in a missile; BPC’s Blaise Misztal and Rich Edson reports on ‘Special Report’

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Don Wolfensberger – Russia sanctions bill: A tale of two signing statements

National Security / News August 9, 2017

President Donald J. Trump was so taken aback by the overwhelming support in Congress for a sanctions bill aimed at Russia.

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Donald Trump Can Stop Leaks If He Stops Acting Like Donald Trump

Governance / News August 9, 2017

Politicians and their staffs cannot function unless they can interact candidly, and candor requires privacy.

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Bill Frist: Extend Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments

Health / News August 3, 2017

There comes a time when we have to check our party loyalty at the door and put the needs of the people first, and that time is now.

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Congress dances on the (debt) ceiling, and it’s not pretty

Economy / News August 2, 2017

If the legal limit on federal borrowing is not lifted sometime in early to mid-October, the US might not have enough money to pay all of its bills when they are due.

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