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Cristobal Ramón and David Lapan: Push to Abolish ICE Is the New ‘Repeal and Replace’

Immigration / News July 16, 2018

Reforming the agency that arrests and deports immigrants without reforming the system that determines whether they can remain is likely to lead to more dysfunction.

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Opinion: McCain’s Legacy of Stronger Military Reflected in Senate’s Landmark Defense Bill

National Security / News July 16, 2018

Many provisions in the Senate version, drafted under McCain’s leadership, would have a positive long-term effect on military readiness, servicemember satisfaction and, crucially, the well-being of military families.

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Power & Politics: Theresa Cardinal Brown discusses US-Canadian immigration policy

Immigration / News June 28, 2018

‘That is an enforcement choice they have made,’ says Theresa Cardinal Brown, former Director of Canadian Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security on Power & Politics.

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Jason Grumet: A New Climate of Realism Emerges in Energy Debate

Energy / News June 26, 2018

Nuclear power, carbon capture at coal and natural gas plants, technologies that remove carbon from the ambient air, and a more ambitious national research agenda must be fully embraced if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

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NPR Morning Edition: Immigration Cases Pile Up In Courts Across The U.S.

Immigration / News June 26, 2018

Steve Inskeep talks to Theresa Cardinal Brown, about migrants’ rights, after Trump’s comments that he wants immediate deportations with “no judges or court cases.”

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Tom Daschle and Trent Lott: 3 Ways to Defeat Dysfunction on the Hill

Governance / News June 25, 2018

Recent bipartisan moves offer hope for a return to traditional legislating

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Erin Smith: Should environmentalists support carbon capture?

Energy / News June 18, 2018

Despite the global market shift in favor of low-carbon energy, coal and other fossil fuels are expected to remain a significant part of the global energy mix for decades.

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Norman Augustine: Higher Education in America Finds Itself on a Slippery Slope

Education / News June 18, 2018

Our great research universities risk getting left behind

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Brad Jenkins: My ‘Family Leave’ Was a Well-Timed Government Shutdown

Economy / News June 18, 2018

In today’s America, considering yourself a “father first” is not always expected by employers or society at large.

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