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Serving Those Who Serve

Economy / News May 26, 2017

Rapidly evolving 21st century threats require troops with increasingly diverse and specialized skillsets, recruitment from every segment of society and retention of those who decide to serve.

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Bipartisanship? It may be possible thanks to this little-known group

Economy / News May 25, 2017

The Bipartisan Policy Center is exploring ways that Congress can use data and rigorous evidence more effectively in the routine budget.

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Medicare’s $31 billion challenge: preventing older adult falls

Health / News May 24, 2017

Anand Parekh and Katherine Hayes write about the Bipartisan Policy Center’s falls prevention policy proposal to tackle this public health challenge.

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How to Read the C.B.O. Score of the Health Bill Like an Expert

Economy / News May 24, 2017

BPC Senior Vice President Bill Hoagland on how the C.B.O. might estimate the effects of the MacArthur Amendment.

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Stand Up to Erdogan’s Assault on Democracy

National Security / News May 19, 2017

BPC’s national security director Blaise Misztal talks to National Review about how President Trump can counter Erdogan’s authoritarianism.

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The Government Needs a Hiring Spree

Governance / News May 5, 2017

The top management posts below the secretary level are the key to an effective and efficient government

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The Military Needs Modern Ways to Attract and Manage Talent

Economy / News May 3, 2017

BPC’s Task Force on Defense Personnel Co-Chairs write on how today’s rigid, bureaucratic military personnel system is dangerously out of date.

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Jason Grumet: Now we begin Trump’s next 100 days

Governance / News May 1, 2017

Jason Grumet, founder and president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, writes about what President Trump’s next 100 days in office may look like.

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Trump’s Wall Is Worthless If He Doesn’t Back It Up With Tech

Immigration / News April 26, 2017

President Trump shelved a plan to demand that funding for a border wall be included in that bill after both Democrats and Republicans voiced fierce opposition.

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Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Reckoning for Republican Deficit Hawks

Economy / News April 26, 2017

President Trump’s top economic advisers are struggling to figure out how to keep the massive tax cuts they proposed from ballooning the federal deficit.

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