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Sandy Davis & Shai Akabas: Congress, the CBO Is Not Your Football

Economy / News March 19, 2018

As omnibus approaches, lawmakers should resist the temptation to throw the agency around

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Hannah Martin & G. William Hoagland: Putting the ‘N’ in SNAP Should Be a Farm Bill Priority

Health / News March 19, 2018

Program should be strengthened to promote nutrition among SNAP recipients.

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Frist, Glickman & Veneman: Diet quality should become a core SNAP objective

Health / News March 13, 2018

We must ensure that the federal government is leveraging these programs to improve nutrition, especially among low-income populations who are most at risk for poor health.

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Theresa Cardinal Brown: Once Again on Immigration, a Victory for the All-Or-Nothings

Immigration / News March 12, 2018

With DACA tied up in the courts, the urgency for Congress to act is gone.

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Doug Peterson: We Built the Panama Canal. Surely We Can Fix Infrastructure

Infrastructure / News March 12, 2018

Now, with the Trump administration’s proposal in hand, both sides should commit to seeing a bipartisan solution become reality.

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Jason Grumet: Want to Fix the Debt? Bring Back Earmarks

Economy / News March 5, 2018

The give and take that is essential to overcoming differences is impossible if there is nothing to give or take.

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Janet Marchibroda & Joel White: Doctors Are Drowning in Data Entry as Health IT Policy Lags

Health / News March 5, 2018

With the renaissance in health technology has come growing pains.

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Bill Hoagland: Pick Up Your Forks. It’s Time for Another Dinner Table Bargain

Economy / News March 5, 2018

Members of the Budget and Appropriations Process Reform Committee should follow the examples of Jefferson, Madison

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Katherine Jett Hayes: If Nothing Else, the Budget Act Is a Win for Chronic Care

Health / News February 26, 2018

Deficit hawks might not like the recent budget deal, but it brings hope to people living with disabilities and chronic illness.

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Michele Nellenbach & Jake Varn: Infrastructure Bill Shouldn’t Ignore Our Aging Water Systems

Infrastructure / News February 26, 2018

A proper plan must invest in water and promote innovation.

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