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Jason Grumet: Whatever Happens Tuesday, Democracy Is Banged Up But Not Broken

Governance / News November 5, 2018

Engagement by millennials is up and workplaces have become more civil.

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Shai Akabas and Tim Shaw: As Both Parties Play the Blame Game, Our Fiscal Future Hangs in the Balance

Economy / News October 24, 2018

The federal deficit grew 17 percent to $779 billion in the fiscal year just ended, but that’s not the worst of the problem.

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John Fortier: Vote. Otherwise, the Hackers Win

Governance / News October 24, 2018

Don’t let worries about election security keep you from going to the polls.

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U.S. government Posts Widest Deficit Since 2012

Economy / News October 16, 2018

The U.S. government closed the 2018 fiscal year $779 billion in the red, its highest deficit in six years, as Republican-led tax cuts pinched revenues and expenses rose on a growing national debt.

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Bill Hoagland: You’d Think Samuel Beckett Was In Charge of Our Health Care

Health / News October 15, 2018

Finding a path forward for the Affordable Care Act has been like waiting for Godot

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Linda Smith and Tim Shaw: One Way to Fix the Child Care Crisis? Look to the Tax Law

Education / News October 15, 2018

A small but important provision in last year’s tax law could provide an unlikely solution to America’s mounting child care crisis.

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Midterm Elections Are Likely to Change the Calculus for Post-2020 Census Redistricting

Governance / News October 15, 2018

The redistricting wars, which since 2010 have worked to the advantage of the Republicans, are about to take a potentially significant turn.

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Linda Smith: Helping Children Succeed

Education / News October 15, 2018

As our neighborhoods grow and employment opportunities become more robust, it is critical to consider the child care and early learning needs of working families.

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Bill Hoagland and Brad Conner: Student Loan Reforms Will Make Education Better for Americans

Education / News October 14, 2018

There are constructive ideas from both Republicans and Democrats on how to reform higher education financing.

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Quiet Revolution Takes Hold in Global Finance with LIBOR’s Days Numbered

Finance / News October 12, 2018

The world financial system is going through a radical change that will affect everything from complicated derivatives to everyday mortgages

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