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In today’s political climate, there is excessive partisan vitriol everywhere from Washington, D.C. to your local PTA meetings.

In today’s political climate, from Congress to the boardroom to the local PTA, citizens are increasingly engaging in personal attacks and character assignations instead of civilly disagreeing. Americans have always passionately defended their views, but today, we seem more interested in political annihilation than debating public policy positions.  This ‘incivility’ is permeating all walks of life and leaving young people today with no sense of what it is to ‘agree to disagree.’

BPC’s mission is to convene conversations and bring together people with different views. For the past several years, we have been leading initiatives that advance civility and dialogue, including our American Congressional Exchange program (is there a link?), the presentation of BPC’s Legislative Achievement Awards and Congressional Patriot Award and programs such as our Governors’ Council and Democracy Project.

BPC Governors’ Council launched the “Agreeing to Disagree” podcast to highlight the many organizations and individuals across the country who are demanding a more civil union and fostering idea-focused public debates.

Episode 1: Former Governor David Heineman 

Former Nebraska Governor David Heineman joins Michele Nellenbach to discuss how he worked with the Nebraska unicameral legislature. As governor, Heineman worked with 49 different operators in the legislature and he shares his experiences of working to negotiate and relationship building during his tenure. 

Episode 2: Dr. Laura Brown 

BPC’s Michele Nellenbach sits down with Dr. Laura Brown, the director of George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. The discussion focuses on trends related to the quality of public discourse and how we can restore the ability to agree to disagree.