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American Energy Innovators Network

Energy entrepreneurs and the investors that support them are the lifeblood of our nation’s energy innovation ecosystem, providing the bold, creative thinking necessary to address our climate challenges. Yet federal policies and programs intended to support their long-term success often fall short of meeting the needs of these crucial stakeholders.

To address this disconnect, the Bipartisan Policy Center is convening a group of emerging companies and investors in the energy space to serve as a central point of coordination in the federal policy landscape. The American Energy Innovators Network (AEIN) serves as an entry point for policy ideas, political engagement, and strategic relationship building for innovative early-stage energy entrepreneurs, startups, and investors. This initiative builds off BPC’s work with the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) and aims to provide practical, actionable input into real-time federal policy initiatives and helps create a more effective partnership between the private sector and the federal government in finding energy solutions.

Read AEIN’s inaugural report on recommendations for reforming the Department of Energy’s SBIR/STTR programs to better support small businesses engaged in innovation and technology transfer.

Current AEIN membership includes:

  • Adria Wilson, Manager of U.S. Policy and Advocacy, Breakthrough Energy
  • Andrew Leedom, General Counsel and Head of Policy, Bayotech
  • Anna Douglas, Co-Founder and CEO, SkyNano
  • Cheryl Martin, Founder and Principal, Harwich Partners and former Acting Director, ARPA-E
  • Corey Jones and Stephanie Dorsey, Founding Partner, E2JDJ
  • Dana Catron, Deputy Director, Arrowhead Center
  • Del Mackey, Senior Economic Development Officer, Arrowhead Center
  • Eric Drummond, Senior Advisor, VentureWell
  • Fadl Saadi, Director of Business Development C-Zero
  • Gabriel Kra, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Prelude Ventures
  • Ian Adams, Managing Director, Evergreen Climate Innovations
  • Ilan Gur, Founder and CEO, Activate Energy
  • Jamal Hagler, Vice President of Research, American Investors Council
  • Jim Cabot, Managing Director, BE Ventures
  • Joanne Rodriguez, Founder and CEO, Mycocycle
  • Juliana Garaizar, Head of Houston Incubator and VP of Innovation, Greentown Labs
  • Julie Beaudry, Business Discovery and Technology Manager, FlexCon
  • Liz Ramsey Dalton, Partner and COO, Overture
  • Nicole Systrom, Chief Impact Officer, Galvanize Climate Solutions
  • Shreya Dave, CEO, Via Separations
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