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Author: Michele Nellenbach

Michele Nellenbach

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Governors' Council

Michele Nellenbach is director of BPC’s strategic initiatives and of its Governors’ Council. Prior to joining BPC, Nellenbach was the director of the National Governors Association’s (NGA) Natural Resources Committee where she directed and oversaw NGA’s federal legislative agenda.

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Author: Jill Eicher

Jill Eicher

Senior Advisor

Jill Eicher is a Senior Advisor at the Bipartisan Policy Center. Her work focuses on infrastructure financing models for public-sector agencies. She is on detail to the federal government to facilitate private investment initiatives in infrastructure. Prior to joining BPC,...

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Author: Andy Winkler

Andy Winkler

Senior Policy Analyst

Andy Winkler serves a senior policy analyst for BPC's housing and infrastructure projects. Prior to joining BPC, he was the director of housing finance policy at the American Action Forum, working to advance comprehensive housing finance reform.

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Author: Jake Varn

Jake Varn

Policy Analyst

Jake Varn serves as a policy analyst for BPC's Executive Council on Infrastructure. Prior to joining BPC, Varn worked with the Chesapeake Legal Counsel and the Coalition for Sensible Public Records Access.

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