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About the Task Force

The Task Force on Ensuring Stable Natural Gas Markets was jointly convened by the Bipartisan Policy Center and the American Clean Skies Foundation in March 2010 to examine historic causes of instability in natural gas markets and to explore potential remedies. The diverse membership of the Task Force brings together key stakeholders from both sides of the supply–demand equation. Individual Task Force members represent natural gas producers, transporters and distributors, consumer groups and large industrial users, as well as independent experts, consumer advocates, state regulatory commissions, and environmental groups. The Task Force examined the causes of past variability in natural gas prices and considered how recent shale gas discoveries and other, infrastructure-related developments affect the likelihood that similar price shocks might recur in the foreseeable future. The Task Force also developed a comprehensive set of recommendations aimed at bolstering consumer, policy maker and investor confidence in the stability of future gas markets and at improving the tools available for effective price risk management. Together with a vastly improved supply outlook, the Task Force believes that a small number of practical regulatory and policy measures would go a long way toward providing the confidence needed to support a significant expansion in the deployment of efficient natural gas technologies and toward capturing the economic and environmental benefits such an expansion would provide.

Task Force Report and Materials