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The Foreign Policy Project’s (FPP) Russia Initiative will work to create a more cohesive U.S. strategy towards Russia—one that is designed to better advance U.S. security and economic interests and builds on the two countries’ common interests. Co-chaired by Senator Chuck Robb and Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, the initiative will offer ways to construct an improved bilateral relationship in the energy, business, trade, and investment sectors—areas critical to our collective future.

While the end of the Cold War has not eliminated, or even significantly reduced, the importance of U.S.-Russia relations, the foreign policy and national security landscape is significantly more complex today than it was amid the Cold War’s superpower struggle. Russia remains relevant to many of the key national security challenges the United States faces today, such as: traditional threats from potential Great Power rivals (China); rogue nuclear proliferators (Iran); and unconventional threats from non-state entities (al-Qaeda) and failing states (Yemen, Pakistan). Despite the centrality of U.S.-Russia relations, FPP believes the U.S. has often lacked a coherent strategy to effectively address the Kremlin’s domestic and international policies. One of the goals of this initiative is to advance relations between the two nations, by broadening the dialogue and opening existing channels of communication in both the public and private sectors.

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