Ideas. Action. Results.

Policymakers and leaders from every sector of health care agree that when effectively and meaningfully used, health information technology (IT) will help address the most pressing challenges confronting the U.S. health care system—rising costs, eroding coverage, and inconsistent quality. A number of efforts focused on addressing these health system challenges are now underway at the federal, state, and local levels. Health IT is a foundational component of all of these efforts.

The Health IT and Innovation Initiative conducts research and collaborates with experts and stakeholders across every sector of health care to develop recommendations that promote innovation and the use of IT to support improvements in the cost, quality, and patient experience of care. Key areas of focus include the following:

  1. Creating the information foundation for delivery system and payment reforms that promote higher quality, more cost-effective care.
  2. Expanding engagement of consumers in their health and health care using electronic tools to improve outcomes in cost and quality and patient experience of care.
  3. Accelerating the electronic exchange of health information across the multiple settings in which care and services are delivered to support coordinated, accountable, patient-centered care that improves quality and reduces costs
  4. Assuring privacy and security of electronic health information by gaining agreement among stakeholders in health care on a set of principles and policies for privacy as it relates to both the delivery of care and improvements in population health
  5. Assuring patient safety in health IT, while preserving an environment that fosters the innovation needed for health IT offerings that serve the needs of a rapidly changing health care system.
  6. Advancing innovation in new areas that will promote better outcomes in quality and cost, including those related to personalized and genomic medicine.