Ideas. Action. Results.

The Housing Commission continues to elevate housing to the top of the national policy agenda through a series of bold recommendations that respond to the most critical challenges in housing today.

Co-chaired by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, former Senators Christopher “Kit” Bond and Mel Martinez, and former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, the commission consists of 21 members who bring to the table a diverse range of viewpoints, professional experiences, and expertise in housing and related fields. Members of the commission are business leaders, former public officials, real estate developers and builders, academics, and housing advocates.

Released in February 2013, the BPC Housing Commission’s report — Housing America’s Future: New Directions for National Policy — provides a detailed blueprint for a reformed housing finance system that will promote the uninterrupted availability of affordable mortgage credit. At a time of severe budget constraints, the report also proposes a new, performancebased approach to the delivery of rental assistance that targets households most in need. Rounding out the commission’s report are recommendations for a renewed approach to homeownership with housing counseling at its core; ways to more effectively meet the housing needs of our nation’s rural families; and a comprehensive focus on helping seniors safely and affordably “age in place” in their own homes and communities.

The BPC is actively engaging policymakers and legislators across the political spectrum to advance conversations about how to meet the nation’s housing needs. To sustain the momentum generated by the report, the commission continues to explore its recommendations with a range of audiences and identify new areas of inquiry.

View Housing Commission co-chairs and members [PDF]