Ideas. Action. Results.

The Bipartisan Policy Center launched the Commission on Political Reform in March 2013 to investigate the causes and consequences of America’s partisan political divide and to advocate for specific reforms that will improve the political process and that will work in a polarized atmosphere.

The Commission on Political Reform is convening a series of National Conversations on American Unity at presidential libraries, universities, and other public institutions around the country. In June 2014, the commission will issue its final recommendations.

Areas of Focus
The Commission on Political Reform will identify concrete but achievable reforms to the nation’s congressional gridlock and electoral-system dysfunction while promoting public service. There is not one solution to the polarization that pervades the U.S. political system. As such, the commission will address several areas that are prime for bipartisan reform, including:

  • Electoral Reform
  • Congressional Reform
  • Public Service

Public Engagement and Social Media
The commission engages the public through national conversations and via social-media platforms; it also consults with leading issue-area experts and practitioners as it shapes recommendations. Importantly, once the national conversations are finished and a final report is issued, the commission will actively advocate for its recommendations with policymakers in Washington, as well as with state, local, business, religious, and civic leaders and the American people. Join the conversation