National Commission on Energy Policy

About the Commission

Beginning in 2002, the National Commission on Energy Policy--a bipartisan group of 20 of the nation’s leading energy experts representing the highest ranks of industry, government, academia, labor, consumer and environmental protection—advised Congress, the Executive Branch, States and other policymakers regarding long-term U.S. policy.

Featured Publications

Forging the Climate Consensus: The Case for Action

Feb. 6, 2013

The Forging the Climate Consensus series presents NCEP’s efforts to provide way forward for Congress to pass mandatory climate change legislation during the 111th Congress.  NCEP believes that debate on the critical substantive issues has narrowed and that viable solutions exist for the most contentious features of a national climate policy.  Forging the Climate Consensus outlines detailed proposals to form the backbone of a robust and durable policy. 

Future Energy Jobs

Regional Climate Change

The objective of the Regional Climate Impacts and Adaptation project is to assess the potential effects of climate change in the medium and long term – 25 to 75 years – on particular economic sectors in specific regions of the United States and to facilitate the development of sound, evidence-based, regional adaptation policies.