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BPC’s Homeland Security Project core mission is to be an active, bipartisan voice on homeland and national security issues. With terrorist threats and tactics still lethal and becoming more complex, the project works to foster public discourse, evaluate reform, provide expert analysis, and develop proactive policy solutions on how to best address emerging security challenges.

Al-Qaeda, Non-Al-Qaeda Affiliated Jihadist Groups, Foreign Fighters in Syria and Growing Cyber Attacks Pose Serious Threats to US and Should Not Be Overlooked

Washington, D.C. – A new report issued by BPC's Homeland Security Project today provides a comprehensive review of the many terrorist threats facing America. The report examines threats from ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other Jihadist groups, cybersecurity concerns and drone strikes and proliferation.

9/11 Commission: Terrorism Has Entered New and Dangerous Phase

The members of the 9/11 Commission, led by Chairman Tom Kean and Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton, released a new report today to reflect the altered but dangerous terrorist threat facing the nation. Ten years after the release of the commission’s original report, with mounting threats from the resurgence and transformation of al Qaeda, Syria and a rapidly changing cyberspace, the commission’s new report calls for a vigorous and proactive counterterrorism effort. 

9/11 Commission members

Kean/Hamilton: Terror threat enters danger zone

Ten years ago today, we released The 9/11 Commission Report to the government and the American public. Many of our 41 recommendations have been adopted, leaving our government better equipped to fight terrorism. That is progress, but we must not become complacent. Terrorists are still plotting attacks on our homeland and aviation systems. The trend lines overseas are pointing in the wrong direction.

U.S. Faces Growing Threats, 9/11 Commission Cautions

Tom Kean 9/11 Commission

The U.S. faces a growing array of threats, from new terrorist havens to cyberattacks, but the American public doesn't appreciate these dangers and is growing complacent, warns a new report from the former members of the commission that investigated the 2001 terrorist attacks.

9/11 panel chairs slam Hill ‘dysfunction’

Boko Haram

An Assessment of the Nigerian Terrorist Group Boko Haram
May. 15, 2014

The horrific kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian school girls has drawn international attention to and condemnation of Boko Haram. While the current crisis has brought a global focus on this dangerous group, they have been engaged in terrorist activities for a number of years. In the Bipartisan Policy Center’s September 2013 Threat Assessment, the Homeland Security Project identified previous deadly attacks perpetrated by the more than a decade-old organization and outlined their focus on creating Sharia law throughout Nigeria.