Homeland Security Project

About the Project

BPC’s Homeland Security Project core mission is to be an active, bipartisan voice on homeland and national security issues. With terrorist threats and tactics still lethal and becoming more complex, the project works to foster public discourse, evaluate reform, provide expert analysis, and develop proactive policy solutions on how to best address emerging security challenges.

Threat Assessment

Online Radicalization: What Should We Be Doing?
Apr. 18, 2014

As we commemorate one year since the Boston Marathon bombings, and 19 years since the bombing of the Murray building in Oklahoma City, we note that the risk of homegrown radicalization continues to threaten our nation.

Intelligence Reform


Cybersecurity Policy Research Guide

Apr. 23, 2013

The issue of cybersecurity is vast and requires analysis from a range of experts and perspectives. The Bipartisan Policy Center Homeland Security Project compiled this list of reports on cyber security from policy analysis centers across the country, as well as resources from businesses and news sources. It is our intent to provide a helpful starting tool to cyber security researchers who seek a wide array of opinions and information.