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4-Twitter Chats.jpg Student Loans June 14, 2013

BPC co-hosted a chat with Senior Vice President Bill Hoagland to discuss the impact of the scheduled interest rate hike on subsidized Stafford loans. View highlights

Public Engagement l April 3, 2013

BPC co-hosted a chat with National Review Online's Reihan Salam (@reihan), a member of CPR, to discuss ways to broaden engagement in the political process.
View highlights

Polarization l March 20, 2013

BPC co-hosted a chat on polarization with former Governor Jennifer Granholm (@JenGranholm), a member of CPR. The conversation highlighted the results of a recent BPC/USA TODAY survey. View highlights

Political Reform l February 28, 2013

BPC co-hosted a chat on political gridlock and opportunities for reform with two members of CPR, Molly Barker (@MollyBarkerGOTR) and Chris Marvin (@ChrisMMarvin). View highlights






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