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Agriculture may soon have an unprecedented opportunity to access a new source of income – carbon markets. As the US begins fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gases, farmers can tap into a new, multi-billion dollar carbon market. According to leading agricultural economists, carbon markets could be one of the largest commodity markets for farmers in the coming decades. In fact, it’s possible that carbon sequestration could generate $12-$20/acre while other practices generate even more revenue. Plus, reducing greenhouse gas emissions could also spur more demand for biofuels.

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Sponsored Research: RES

New Markets and Opportunities for Agriculture in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, and North Carolina: An Economic Analysis of a Federal Renewable Portfolio Standard

Feb. 7, 2013

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Commission on Energy Policy awarded the University of Tennessee’s Biobased Energy Analysis a grant to undertake an economic analysis of the economic costs and benefits from a Federal RPS policy to agricultural counties in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, and North Carolina. The focus of this study centers on the impact of RES policy on farm revenue, taking a close look at the true potential of new markets for biomass resources in these states and the revenue that these markets could generate at the farm level.