Grunwald - color.jpgMandy Grunwald has been one of America’s leading Democratic media consultants for more than two decades. She is President of Grunwald Communications, which has won every single one of its campaigns for the last three cycles – ’04, ’06, and ’08 – with just one small exception – Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


Grunwald is probably best known for her work for the Clinton/Gore ’92 campaign. She served as media adviser and Director of Advertising — the first woman in history to hold that job in a presidential campaign. She served in the same role in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Grunwald was responsible for the campaign’s successful “pop culture” strategy: Bill Clinton’s appearances on shows like “Arsenio Hall” and MTV, which had previously been considered taboo for a presidential candidate.


Grunwald has also worked for a wide variety of groups, corporations and causes including the “Si” campaign against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the Human Rights Campaign, USA for Africa, the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Environmental Trust, the Energy Foundation, the National Women’s Political Caucus, Westinghouse Broadcasting, Time Inc., the Coca Cola Company, and Columbia Pictures.