Nov. 30, 2010

By Frank C. Graves and Steve H. Levine

The Brattle Group    

Sep. 29, 2010

This research paper examines the equity implications of road pricing. It systematically considers the various ways that road pricing raises equity issues. It examines how equity issues have been addressed in current applications of road pricing, and finally makes recommendations for strategies that address road pricing equity. 

Sep. 15, 2010
Letters and Testimony

NSPG Members Peter Bergen, Dr. Bruce Hoffman and Dr. Stephen Flynn testified on the new BPC report, Assessing the Terrorist Threat. Download the report here.

Sep. 10, 2010

This report by members of the BPC's National Security Preparedness Group details how the terrorist threat has evolved since the attacks in 2001, including the development of homegrown networks and the increasingly diverse and decentralized nature of terrorism.