Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows

"The Bipartisan Policy Center demonstrates that by striking a civil balance between partisan ideals and reasoned analysis, policymaking can reach practical conclusions with the potential for broad support."

Former Senator Bob Bennett

"I decided to join this effort after 30 years in Congress, because I know from experience, the only way we can change energy policy is if it is bipartisan. I also know that instead of using the same, tired arguments, what we need are new ideas that are bold, and we need new approaches."

Former Senator Byron Dorgan

"These are difficult times, obviously, and everybody’s trying to figure out how do we do something about being more bipartisan and getting things done. And so that’s why I’m so pleased to be a part of the Bipartisan Policy Center."

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott

"The Bipartisan Policy Center creates a forum for critical conversations. BPC has no fear in taking on complex, multi-sector issues, like the debt and health care, and is uniquely able to bring differing, even opposing, perspectives to the table to work on solving our nation’s most challenging problems."

Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist

"Since its recommendations are the result of thorough analysis and thoughtful deliberations, the Bipartisan Policy Center is seen as a credible resource by members of both parties. The Bipartisan Policy Center has enjoyed terrific success in its short five-year history, and I am excited to be associated with it."

Former Senator Pete Domenici

"To properly address the major problems we face as a nation—issues such as defense, energy security, and the economy—we need to come together around our shared interests rather than partisan agendas. BPC keeps the focus on establishing mutual benefits and fostering solutions."

General (ret.) James L. Jones

"Overwhelmingly, Americans want their political leaders to find solutions to the many difficult challenges we face. Through its policy work and other programming, the Bipartisan Policy Center crafts and aggressively advocates for solutions that are taken seriously by republicans and Democrats. When we find ideas that can be agreed to by both parties, we will then be able to solve our greatest problems."

Former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman

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