Initial Recommendations to Improve the Financing of Long-Term Care

Health / Research February 1, 2016
Approximately 70 percent of Americans aged 65 and over will need long-term services and supports at some point in their lives.

BPC Comments on Health IT Legislation

Janet M. Marchibroda / Research January 29, 2016
While a majority of clinicians and hospitals are now adopting electronic health records, the level of information sharing among different organizations is still fairly low.

Election Day Command Centers: An Invaluable Tool in Election Administration

Governance / Research January 22, 2016
During his victory speech in 2012, President Obama noted the millions of American voters who were forced to wait to vote for extended periods of time.

Turkey Divided and Conquered: How the AKP Regained Power

National Security / Research January 14, 2016
There is little indication that there will be any shift in the balance of support between the AKP and other parties, barring a change in Turkey’s demographics.

Public-Private Partnership (P3) Model State Legislation

Finance / Research December 17, 2015
A promising tool to promote infrastructure investment is currently limited or unavailable in most states due to lack of enabling legislation.

Improving and Expanding Health Insurance Coverage through State Flexibility

Health / Research December 10, 2015
There remain important opportunities to influence policymaking at the agencies and to focus on the states as a frontier for innovation and reforms in health care.

Immigration in Two Acts

Immigration / Research December 10, 2015
Twenty-five years after the last major reforms, BPC provides an overview of the political context, provisions, and impacts of the immigration acts of 1965 and 1990.

Improving Health Through Interoperability and Information Sharing

Health / Research December 8, 2015
Electronic information sharing plays a critical role in improving health outcomes, lowering health care costs, and improving the patient experience of care.

Letter to Congress in Support of Lifting Crude Oil Export Ban

Jason Grumet / Research December 7, 2015
The export ban is a form of resource nationalism that undermines our fundamental commitment to efficient markets, affecting our ability to promote free and fair trade.

Advancing Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Health / Research December 2, 2015
Regenerative medicine is an emerging field that seeks to restore health rather than merely treat disease.