Balancing Priorities: Immigration, National Security, and Public Safety

Theresa Cardinal Brown, Lazaro Zamora / Research October 7, 2016

Significantly restricting immigration in the name of security could have significant negative impacts to the country.

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A Promising Approach to Expand Access to Workplace Retirement Savings

Economy / Research October 4, 2016

More than 40 million Americans are not covered by a workplace retirement savings plan. Employees of smaller businesses are especially likely to lack access.

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Moving Forward with Consent-Based Siting for Nuclear Waste Facilities

Energy / Research September 27, 2016

An overhaul of nuclear waste management is required and a different approach should be taken to site future facilities, regardless of the fate of Yucca Mountain.

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Did Policymakers Get Post-Crisis Financial Regulation Right?

Martin Neil Baily, Phillip L. Swagel, Justin Schardin / Research September 25, 2016

America has a safer financial regulatory system than before the crisis, but there are some unintended consequences of post-crisis reform that warrant attention.

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The Military Compensation Conundrum

Economy / Research September 22, 2016

America risks creating the conditions for a hollow force with lower morale, declining retention, and diminished recruiting all driving decreased effectiveness.

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Improving Care for Individuals Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid

Health / Research September 20, 2016

Public health researchers have joined with health plans and provider organizations to better understand and document treatment of patients with complex needs.

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Letters to the Senate on Advanced Nuclear Energy Innovation

Tracy Terry / Research September 14, 2016

Although nuclear power was developed and first commercialized in the America, we are losing the strategic and economic advantages of U.S. leadership in the field.

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Debt Limit Analysis

Shai Akabas, Ben Ritz / Research September 13, 2016

If policymakers do not act on the debt limit, BPC estimates that Treasury will have insufficient cash to meet all financial obligations sometime between Nov. 10-16.

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Testimony by Conrad and Lockhart on Retirement Security to the Senate Special Committee on Aging

Kent Conrad, James B. Lockhart, III / Research September 7, 2016

A Gallup poll earlier this year found that 64 percent of Americans are either very worried or moderately worried about not having enough money for retirement.

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Dialogue: The Annual Report Issue

Research / Research August 30, 2016

We must embrace and engage our differences in the pursuit of broadly acceptable policy. At BPC, we practice what we preach.

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