A Prevention Prescription for Improving Health and Health Care in America

Health / Research May 28, 2015
There is growing recognition that prevention holds vast potential to improve health, while also reducing national spending on health care.

The Value of Prevention

Health / Research May 28, 2015
Americans spend an enormous amount of money treating largely preventable chronic conditions. Prevention can reduce demand on the health care system.

Assembling the Pieces: The Economics of Step-by-Step Immigration Reform

Immigration / Research May 21, 2015
BPC's study establishes a basis to assess the macroeconomic and fiscal implications of different approaches to immigration reform.

2014 Annual Report

Research / Research May 14, 2015
We will always live in a divided nation. It is our responsibility to provide a place at the negotiation table both for collaboration and for partisanship.

Business Can Help Bridge the Infrastructure Gap

Financial Reform / Research May 5, 2015
America faces a $1 trillion infrastructure funding crisis. Government alone can’t fully fund all of the roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure our economy needs.

Insights from Modeling the Proposed Clean Power Plan

BPC's Energy Project explores national- and regional-level impacts of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan in its new economic analysis.

Transitioning from Volume to Value: Consolidation and Alignment of Quality Measures

Health / Research April 27, 2015
The use of meaningful quality measures is critical to assuring patients have access to and receive appropriate services and that incentives drive improved health outcomes.

Turkey: An Increasingly Undependable Ally

National Security / Research April 23, 2015
As the United States deals with an unraveling Middle East, Turkey is largely absent, at best, or directly undermining U.S. interests, at worst.

Testimony of Stephen Rademaker to the House Foreign Relations Committee

Stephen G. Rademaker / Research April 22, 2015
This deal will represent acceptance by the international community of Iran as a nuclear weapons threshold state.

Comments from Secretaries Dan Glickman and Ann Veneman to U.S. Department of Agriculture

Dan Glickman, Ann M. Veneman / Research April 15, 2015
The emphasis on whole grains, promoting an increased diversity of fruits and vegetables, and the expansion of allowable meat alternatives are all positive changes, as are limitations on juice and added sugar.