BPC Comments on Proposed Prescription Drug User Fee Act

Janet M. Marchibroda / Research August 24, 2016
BPC applauds FDA’s efforts to incorporate enhancements to accelerate the development and delivery of safe and effective treatments and cures to patients.

An Open Letter to the Presidential Candidates on Infrastructure

We urge you to make modernizing America’s infrastructure a central feature of your campaigns, and, if elected, a priority within your first 100 days of office.

Iran Deal at One

National Security / Research July 12, 2016
One year since its announcement, the nuclear deal with Iran has yet to live up to its proponents’ highest hopes or give rise to its critics’ gravest fears.

Turkey vs. ISIS and PKK

National Security / Research July 11, 2016
While Turkish fighter jets have repeatedly battered PKK locations in Turkey and northern Iraq, Turkey’s efforts against ISIS have been limited.

The New Realities of Voting by Mail in 2016

Governance / Research June 29, 2016
The vote-by-mail process can be more convenient for voters who are unable or unwilling to contend with lines at polling places on Election Day.

Losing Our Edge: Pentagon Personnel Reform and the Dangers of Inaction

National Security / Research June 29, 2016
Despite ongoing efforts to support defense personnel, our nation risks failing to recruit, retain, and prepare a force adequate to meet future demands.

Culprit or Scapegoat? Immigration’s Effect on Employment and Wages

Immigration / Research June 27, 2016
Many attempt to blame immigration for declining rates of employment and labor force participation among native-born Americans. What are the facts?

Using Real-World Evidence to Accelerate Safe and Effective Cures

Health / Research June 23, 2016
There are only 500 approved treatments for the approximately 10,000 known molecular-based diseases. The urgency of finding the next generation of cures is clear.

Testimony by Bill Hoagland on Improving the Congressional Budget Process

G. William Hoagland / Research June 22, 2016
The current budget procedures, rules, and processes are so complex that members and their staffs find them hard to understand, let alone the American taxpayer.

Modeling the Evolving Power Sector and Impacts of the Clean Power Plan

Jennifer Macedonia, Blair Beasley, Erin Smith / Research June 21, 2016
State energy policies, falling natural gas prices, and the extension of federal tax incentives for renewables mean many states are on track to comply with the CPP.