Selecting a Vice President: Advice for Presidential Candidates

Governance / Research April 22, 2016
In the upcoming months, the presidential nominees of each political party will make one of their most consequential decisions: the selection of a running mate.

An Open Letter to President Erdogan

National Security / Research March 30, 2016
An open letter to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to the U.S. raises concerns about the Turkish government’s actions to silence opposition voices.

Cyber Insurance: A Guide for Policymakers

Finance / Research March 21, 2016
The central obstacle to a well-functioning cyber insurance market is the inability of both insurers and insureds to know exactly how much risk is involved in cyber attacks.

How Turkey is Criminalizing Dissent and Muzzling the Press

National Security / Research March 16, 2016
Attacks on the media are part of a strategy of dismantling institutions—the military, the judiciary, and now the press—capable of acting as a check on government power.

U.S. Energy R&D Architecture

Brad Townsend, Erin Smith / Research March 14, 2016
While the private sector plays the dominant role in commercializing new technologies, smart federal investments should seek to address gaps in the innovation process.

Testimony by Dr. Alice Rivlin to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Long-Term Care

Alice M. Rivlin / Research March 1, 2016
A new BPC report outlines a set of practical changes that could improve the availability and affordability of long-term services and supports.

Initial Recommendations to Improve the Financing of Long-Term Care

Health / Research February 1, 2016
Approximately 70 percent of Americans aged 65 and over will need long-term services and supports at some point in their lives.

BPC Comments on Health IT Legislation

Janet M. Marchibroda / Research January 29, 2016
While a majority of clinicians and hospitals are now adopting electronic health records, the level of information sharing among different organizations is still fairly low.

BPC Comments to Senate Finance Committee on Chronic Care Policy Options

BPC has released a number of reports that included recommendations to better organize and integrate our health care system to lower costs and improve quality of care.

Election Day Command Centers: An Invaluable Tool in Election Administration

Governance / Research January 22, 2016
During his victory speech in 2012, President Obama noted the millions of American voters who were forced to wait to vote for extended periods of time.