Testimony by Alice Rivlin to the House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee on the Medicare SGR

Alice M. Rivlin / Research January 21, 2015
The Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate should be fixed—permanently. Bipartisan, bicameral cooperation can solve a problem that everyone wants solved.

Congress and the White House Need Each Other on Iran

National Security / Research January 20, 2015
A nuclear weapons-capable Iran would be strategically untenable for the United States. Preventing that outcome—hopefully diplomatically—has been a priority for leaders of both parties.

Transitioning to Organized Systems of Care: Near-Term Recommendations to Improve Accountable Care Organizations in Medicare

Health / Research January 20, 2015
The results from the first two years of Medicare’s ACO programs are in, and those results show a mix of modest successes and significant challenges.

Transitioning to Organized Systems of Care: Medical Homes, Payment Bundles, and the Role of Fee-for-Service

Health / Research January 20, 2015
In today’s health care system, fee-for-service (FFS) remains the dominant payment model for both public and private payers.

FSOC Reform: An Overview of Recent Proposals

Justin Schardin, Aaron Klein, Peter Ryan / Research January 19, 2015
In recent years, the Financial Stability Oversight Council has faced a growing barrage of criticism, along with a flurry of ideas that have been held out as improvements.

Housing the Families Who Need it Most is Within Our Reach

Housing / Research January 7, 2015
In developing recommendations to address the nation’s urgent housing challenges, BPC concluded that the “primary focus of federal housing policy should be to help those most in need.”

Turkish Baraj: The Parliamentary Threshold and the Constitutional Court

National Security / Research December 19, 2014
Turkey’s 10 percent electoral threshold—so far as is known, the highest ever applied anywhere in democratic elections—has been in place for eight consecutive parliamentary elections over three decades.

Housing More People More Effectively through a Dynamic Housing Policy

Housing / Research December 17, 2014
In a world of limited public funding, how can the United States substantially increase the number of households benefiting from stable, affordable housing?

Options for Reforming the Renewable Fuel Standard

Energy / Research December 16, 2014
BPC’s Energy Project convened an advisory group of diverse stakeholders who agreed to discuss legislative and/or regulatory reforms that could put the RFS on a stable footing.

President Erdogan: Prospects for a Strong Presidency

National Security / Research December 10, 2014
The presidency in Turkey has been historically regarded as a ceremonial—though prestigious—position, but President Erdoğan intends to change that.