Immigration: Demographic Trends and National Security Imperatives


Thursday, January 23, 2014


12:30 PM to 1:15 PM


Four Seasons Silicon Valley


2050 University Avenue
East Palo Alto

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Developed countries such as the United States are aging rapidly, and many face population stagnation or decline. This “demographic transition” threatens future economic growth and has major implications on the international stage. Although the connection is often overlooked, these trends make the U.S. immigration system a powerful asset - immigrants sustain healthy population growth and make the overall U.S. population younger, giving the U.S. a demographic advantage over other developed countries.

BPC and former Secretaries Michael Chertoff, Henry Cisneros and Condoleezza Rice hosted a conversation on immigration’s implications for demographics, economics and the future of U.S. national security. At the event, BPC released a related demographics report and task force statement.

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Immigration: America’s Demographic Edge


Michael Chertoff
Chairman and Co-Founder, The Chertoff Group
Former Secretary, Department of Homeland Security
Task Force Member, BPC Immigration Task Force

Henry Cisneros
Former Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development
Co-chair, BPC Immigration Task Force

Condoleezza Rice
Former Secretary of State
Co-chair, BPC Immigration Task Force