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Dole, Baker celebrated for century of service

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports

Dole, Baker practiced lost art of compromise

By Laurie Kellman

The Associated Press

"'I think the Senate operated more effectively then than it does today,' said Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., one of the hosts of the tribute. 'But I don't think it would make much to change it today. It would take a change of behavior rather than a change of rules.'" Read more here.

Dole on Baker and Baker on Dole

By Howard Baker and Bob Dole


"'A century of service' makes us sound even older than we are. But Bob and I are grateful for the rare opportunity we have had to help chart the course of history. And we wish our successors all the best in their turn on the great stage of leadership." Read more here.

Senator Lamar Alexander: Howard Baker & Bob Dole "among the best at working across party lines"

At 88, Bob Dole can still give one heck of a speech

By Nikki Schwab

The Washington Examiner

"'One thing that was said tonight was true,' said Dole, now 88, seated with a microphone in front of him. 'Once you leave politics your approval rating goes straight up and people write you letters saying, 'I never liked you, you so-and-so, while you were in the Senate, but now, I think you're a pretty good guy. Please send me an autographed picture... of Elizabeth,' he said, to huge laughs." Read more here.

Dole, Baker toasted for embracing bipartisan politics

By Stacey Samuel


"When expectations of a bipartisan Congress seem like a bygone tradition, two men who embodied leadership often beyond party politics were honored in Washington for their combined century of service." Read more here.

The Ultimate BiParty

By Neda Semnani

Roll Call

"During Biden’s tribute, he recalled something his father said: 'Never back another man into a corner where the only way out is over you.' Both Baker and Dole had the ability to work with their colleagues, not back them into a corner, Biden said. Both men excelled in creating — and maintaining — important relationships across the aisle." Read more here.

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell explain Senate dysfunction

By The Reliable Source

The Washington Post

"The BPC was founded by former Senate leaders to advise those still in office. To mark its fifth anniversary, the center saluted a “century of service” from two former majority leaders: Howard Baker, 86, and Bob Dole, 88. The audience at the Mellon Auditorium included every former living Senate majority and minority leader (except George Mitchell, who was off on another Northern Ireland project.)" Read more here.

Steve McMahon, Chuck Todd Praise Baker-Dole Tribute Event

MSNBC's The Daily Rundown

The Art of Bipartisanship Is Not Dead

By Kevin Glass


"Sens. Bob Dole and Howard Baker are being honored at a Bipartisan Policy Center dinner tonight in Washington. While the media is reporting this as a toast to the lost art of bipartisanship, it's possible to look past the ideological blinders to see real bipartisanship." Read more here.

Bob Dole: Great American

By Jeanne Marie Laskas


"I ask if he ever thought about what the country would have been like if he'd been president. 'I've thought about it, not a lot, but I thought my relationship with Congress—the Democrats and Republicans—would help me get some things done. Not everything, but at least they'd be willing to try.' Bipartisan leadership, he tells me, was not exceedingly complicated. 'We'd meet on an issue. If we could work it out, we'd work it out. If it wasn't possible, we'd have a vote.' Read more here.

Stop Shouting, Start Thinking!

By Donna Shor

Hollywood on the Potomac

"Both were Republican Senate majority leaders, both had campaigned for the presidency. As their long careers unfolded, said their peers, they demonstrated both their ability to broker agreements and their political effectiveness." Read more here.

Harry Reid hearts McConnell (really)

By Seung Min Kim


"'I know that people talk about Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid: ‘They’re always up there fighting with each other,'" Reid said, per POLITICO's Donovan Slack. 'But Mr. McConnell and I have a very warm personal relationship. We are friends. We do things for each other as much as we can and it’s more often than people think.'" Read more here.

Biden Recalls Unique Encounter With Reagan, Baker and Anthony Kennedy

MSNBC's Hardball With Chris Matthews

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“Century of Service” Ceremony

By Judy Kurtz

The Hill

"Former President Bill Clinton, appearing in a video message, gave a shout-out to the D.C. bipartisan power couple that had invited him to the big night, James Carville and Mary Matalin. 'They’re demonstrating, in the best possible way, that two people with very different political minds can commit to a common future,' said the ex-commander-in-chief.

"Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) got some of the biggest laughs of the night when he invited the audience to sing along with a reworked version of the Neil Diamond classic, 'Sweet Caroline.' The Kansas Republican’s rendition instead swapped the chorus with the words, 'Sweet Robert Dole.'" Read more here.

Letter from the President

By Sarah Schaffer

Capitol File

"A few weeks ago, at a Bipartisan Policy Center event honoring former Senators Bob Dole and Howard Baker for their combined century of service, Vice President Joe Biden addressed the crowd and thanked the two men for all they had done for this country.

Always a raconteur, Biden regaled the audience with a few funny anecdotes—there was that embarrassing incident with President Reagan and Baker in the White House dining room, for example—but he also spoke from the heart about what these men exemplify. They are, he noted, the embodiment of goodness, their mission in life the betterment of human kind. 'Both risked their political careers at times over the years to stand up for what they believe in,' Biden said. 'Their empathy, decency, and understanding of others, in my estimation, is true power.' What struck me while listening to his remarks was that the audience, a group of mightily influential people, was paying close attention. (Rare these days, it seems.)" Read more here.

Former Sen. Baker honored at D.C. event

By Michael Collins

Knoxville News Sentinel

"A who's who of political leaders past and present paid tribute Wednesday to former U.S. Sen. Howard Baker for a long, storied career that spanned from the halls of Congress to the White House to the diplomatic chambers in Japan. 'I've never served with any man or woman who possessed more wisdom or integrity,' Vice President Joe Biden said." Read more here.

Scene in D.C.: Lott, Dole, Howard Baker, Daschles, Biden

By Stephanie Green


"The Bipartisan Policy Center was started in 2007 by Baker, Dole, and former Democratic Majority Leaders Tom Daschle and George Mitchell. Daschle, Vice President Joe Biden, and current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid offered tributes." Read more here.

Why not phone Bristol Palin, Mr. President?

By Suzi Parker

The Washington Post

"The words and actions of stars, pundits and politicians bleed into the lives of ordinary citizens. An 'if they do it, so can we' attitude is clearly contaminating America.

"Politicians see it, too. At the Bipartisan Policy Center’s dinner honoring former Republican Sens. Bob Dole and Howard Baker on Wednesday night, the cry for the good old days of crossing the aisle for compromise was heard loudly.

"'Both Senators exemplify the qualities of political leadership we need most, at a time when many ask if it still exists, and both continue to serve their country today by fighting for the causes they believe in with their trademark wit, style and proven ability to build consensus,' the center’s Web site said." Read more here.

Baker honored at D.C. event

By Elizabeth Bewley

The Tennessan

"The front rows of the auditorium were filled with top Washington leaders, including Biden; Defense Secretary Leon Panetta; Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.; and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky." Read more here.

Bipartisan group to honor Dole

By David Goldstein

The Kansas City Star

"Former Republican Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas, who spent four decades on Capitol Hill, will be honored tonight by the Bipartisan Policy Center, a Washington think tank that promotes across-the-aisle cooperation on the nation's problems." Read more here.

Bob Dole: Still a Man to be Reckoned With

By Al Eisele

The Huffington Post

"Bob Dole remains one of the most durable figures in modern American politics, still a man to be reckoned with in the nation's capital, where he arrived as a freshman congressman from Kansas more than a half century ago." Read more here.

Trailblazer Mikulski Celebrates a Milestone

By Stacey Skotzko

Roll Call

"'I would hope as I commemorate this, we go back to what I found when I first came to the Congress, which is a spirit of bipartisanship,' she said. 'I saw that in the way Tip O’Neill and Bob Dole and Howard Baker all could work together, both sides of the aisle, both sides of the Dome. When push came to shove, there was less of a shove, and more of a push, to get the job done.'" Read more here.

Sen. Snowe Praises Bob Dole's Leadership, Bipartisan Mentality

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports

When the Senate Worked

By Tierney Sneed

U.S. News and World Report

"How were Democratic Majority Leader Robert Byrd and Republican Minority Leader Howard Baker able to work together? Their concept of the Senate was that they were supposed to work together. They really developed a relationship of mutual trust and respect." Read more here.


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