Federal Reserve Dividends Should Not Be a Piggy Bank for Congress

Tinkering with the Federal Reserve’s system to fund current congressional spending initiatives sets a dangerous precedent and is bad policy.

Congressional Highway Bills Are Increasingly Irresponsible

Ben Ritz July 24, 2015
Lawmakers have resorted to gimmicks to cover up the Highway Trust Fund’s shortfall and enable further procrastination.

Is Turkey’s Shift Against ISIS More Tactical Ploy Than New Chapter?

Blaise Misztal July 24, 2015
Acceding to U.S. demands for greater support in the fight against ISIS was the right move right now for Erdogan as he tries to regain power.

Key Immigration Provisions in House and Senate DHS Appropriations

Lazaro Zamora July 24, 2015
The approved budgets from the Republican-led House and Senate committees fall about $1 to $2 billion below President Obama’s request.

To Modernize Legal Immigration System, Get Better Technology and Data

Theresa Cardinal Brown July 24, 2015
Because there are several agencies involved in the system, each agency collects and publishes its own set of statistics regarding its portion of the process.

Taxpayer Service in Steep Decline at the IRS

Kenneth Megan July 24, 2015
“Courtesy disconnects”—when the IRS switchboard hangs up on callers due to a system overload—skyrocketed this year to 8.8 million, up from 544,000 in 2014.

Social Security Trustees Warn of Short- and Long-Term Trouble

Ben Ritz July 23, 2015
As Baby Boomers move out of the labor force and into retirement, the ratio of workers to beneficiaries will drop to roughly 2:1 by 2034.

The Iran Deal and the Prospects for American Crude Oil Exports

Jason DuPaul July 23, 2015
If negotiators are now prepared to allow for greater exports of Iranian energy resources, should the self-imposed ban on American crude oil remain in place?

Bombing Forces Turkey to Choose Between ISIS and the Kurds

Ayhan Üçok, Blaise Misztal July 23, 2015
Turkey’s Syria policy has focused on issues other than the ISIS threat, in the misguided belief that if Turkey left ISIS alone, ISIS would leave Turkey alone.

Turkey’s Post-Election Process Inches Toward Early Elections

National Security July 23, 2015
Because of Erdoğan’s ties to the AKP, critics argue that he is stalling the process in order to force a snap election and maintain the party’s grip on power.