If Aleppo Falls

Nicholas Danforth February 12, 2016
The defeat of rebel forces is dangerous for U.S.-Turkish relations because support for these groups was one of the few points on which both countries agreed.

President’s Budget Eyes the Future, But Doesn’t Pay for It

Ben Ritz February 11, 2016
While the president’s budget is best understood as an expression of one party’s agenda, the document does include a variety of new proposals.

The Kurds, Sykes-Picot and Quest for Redrawing Borders

Nicholas Danforth February 10, 2016
History shows some of the embedded challenges that faced Kurdish nationalists a century ago, and sheds light on the factors influencing regional politics today.

Millennials in Retirement: Declining Poverty, but Persistent Disparities

Kenneth Megan February 9, 2016
The projected declines in poverty are promising, but African Americans and Hispanics will continue to struggle to a greater extent than whites.

Prevention Must-Reads, February 2016

Health February 5, 2016
BPC's Prevention Initiative highlights recent publications, speeches, and testimony focused on the intersection of health and healthcare.

Financial Reform Must-Reads, February 5

Finance February 5, 2016
BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative highlights news articles, papers and other important work which illuminate current and new thinking within financial regulation.

Border Apprehensions Drop In January, Still High for Fiscal Year

Lazaro Zamora February 3, 2016
The latest data shows that the unseasonable surge of Central American migrants that began last June continued through FY2016.

Debate Over Syrian Kurds at Peace Talks Reveal Complex Ties

Nicholas Danforth February 2, 2016
Whether the Syrian Kurds would attend the talks is perhaps most interesting for what it reveals about the relationship among the U.S., Turkey, and Moscow.

Some Returns to Regular Order, Some Departures in 2015

Governance February 2, 2016
Those parts of the process that take place off the floor of the House and Senate improved, but more often than not it was on the floor where gridlock remained.

Biden’s Turkey Visit: Stalemate on Syria, Step Forward on Democracy

Jessica Michek February 1, 2016
Washington and Ankara’s failure to see eye-to-eye will likely hamper attempts in the longer-term both to degrade and destroy ISIS and reach a peaceful transition in Syria.