Smaller Military Pay Raise Unlikely to Impact Retention

Sean O’Keefe September 29, 2016

When properly executed, personnel policy has the ability to ensure the military recruits and retains the top talent it needs to be successful in the future.

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Four Takeaways from the Fed’s Proposed Stress Test Changes

Michael Carlson September 28, 2016

The proposal would raise the regulatory burden on the eight most systemically important U.S. banks, especially compared to the large regional banks.

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What About Syria?

Blaise Misztal September 28, 2016

Clinton and Trump should use the remaining debates to rectify a big oversight of their first encounter — the lack of any discussion of the Syrian conflict.

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Bauer and Ginsberg Stress Importance of Data on Voting Lines

Tim Harper September 27, 2016

Testimony from Bauer and Ginsberg focused on BPC’s ongoing work to implement the PCEA’s recommendations to improve all Americans’ voting experience.

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Expiration of Immigration Programs Looms if Congress Doesn’t Act

Congress once again finds itself facing a funding deadline, and there are several immigration programs that will require congressional action to avoid expiring.

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New GAO Report Highlights Troubling Advice Given by SSA

Ben Ritz September 15, 2016

Because of the substantial impact that the age of claiming has on the financial security of many older Americans, the poor information provided by SSA is shocking and deeply concerning.

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Flint Isn’t Alone. The Water Crisis is a Nationwide Problem.

Michele Nellenbach September 15, 2016

Tragedies like the one that transpired in Flint highlight the complexity of maintaining reliable water quality in an era of diminished resources.

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Debt Limit Brinksmanship Threatens to Return

Shai Akabas, Ben Ritz September 13, 2016

Less than two months into the next president’s term, the debt limit will once again be reinstated, demanding prompt attention from policymakers.

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Retirement Commission Co-Chairs Testify Before Senate Aging Committee

Ben Ritz, Emma Weil September 9, 2016

Taken together, BPC’s recommendations would increase retirement savings by 50 percent for middle-class Americans and reduce old-age poverty by one-third.

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FHFA’s Credit Risk Program and the Future of GSE Legislation

Michael A. Stegman September 8, 2016

If there is one feature of a reformed housing finance system that has broad buy-in, it is that private capital should take the majority of mortgage credit risk.

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