Key Immigration Dates in 2015

Matt Graham February 26, 2015
Between President Obama’s recent executive actions and possible legislation, 2015 has potential to become an important year for immigration policy.

BPC’s American Energy Innovation Council Releases Recommendations

Jason Burwen, Stuart Iler February 24, 2015
Public investment in energy RD&D remains less than one-half of one-percent of the annual nationwide energy bill.

Update on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Blaise Misztal February 23, 2015
The latest report on Iran’s nuclear program suggests that Iran continues to test the boundaries of the current diplomatic process to address its nuclear program.

Why We Need a Two-Year Budget Process

Jordan LaPier February 19, 2015
Moving to a two-year budgeting process would grant Congress more time to adequately debate complex and polarizing issues that go into creating a federal budget.

The EITC and Immigration

Alex Gold, Matt Graham February 18, 2015
In President Obama's budget submission to Congress, he proposed to dramatically expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for childless workers and non-custodial parents.

What We’re Reading in Financial Regulatory Reform, February 13

Financial Reform February 13, 2015
BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative highlights news articles, papers and other important work which illuminate current and new thinking within financial regulation.

BPC’s New “Agenda Setters” Series – Why 20 Percent is the New 80 Percent

Jason Grumet February 11, 2015
President Ronald Reagan had a rule that explains in part how he was able to be such a successful leader: my 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy.

Hatch, Burr, and Upton Propose to Cap the Exclusion

Brian Collins February 11, 2015
One of the largest tax expenditures in the code is the unlimited exclusion for employer-sponsored health benefits.

What’s the Best Way to Resolve a Global Bank?

Peter Ryan February 11, 2015
Last November, the Financial Stability Board released a proposal for a new failure resolution regime designed to address the too-big-to-fail challenge posed by the largest global banks.

President’s Budget Proposes Savings from Immigration Reform

Theresa Cardinal Brown February 9, 2015
The president’s budget proposes nearly $160 billion in savings in the budget over its 10-year horizon from passage of immigration reform legislation.