Investing in Infrastructure: Center of Excellence

Sarah Kline August 31, 2016
A new center of excellence would help to move the New American Model for Investment in Infrastructure from proposal to reality.

The Tale of Two Bidens

Nicholas Danforth August 26, 2016
While focused on the fight against ISIS, the White House has likely concluded that democracy in Turkey, at least in the near future, is probably a lost cause.

Force of the Future Survives in Defense Bill

Sean O’Keefe August 26, 2016
Some of the most innovative ideas proposed in Force of the Future are addressed in the Senate-passed NDAA and are being negotiated for inclusion in the final bill.

CBO Outlook Update Shows Worsening Deficit

Ben Ritz August 25, 2016
The report emphasizes the seriousness of the fiscal challenges facing the next president and Congress less than three months before Americans head to the polls.

Do the U.S. and Turkey Now Agree on the Top Threat in Syria?

While Operation Euphrates Shield is a welcome action, the United States should remain skeptical that Turkey’s strategic objectives align with its own.

What Can Biden Bring Turkey?

Nicholas Danforth August 24, 2016
Given the long history behind the American-Turkish relationship, there are a few high-profile gestures it would behoove Washington to make for its own sake.

The U.S-Turkish Alliance is Fraying at the Edges

Blaise Misztal August 23, 2016
U.S. policymakers will have to quickly decide just how much political capital they are willing to spend to keep Turkey from joining the Russia-Iran axis.

Administration Attempts to Adapt as Central American Flow Continues

Lazaro Zamora August 23, 2016
Atypical migration patterns have created unpredictability that challenge the Department of Homeland Security's ability to stem and predict future trends.

Ensuring a Strong National Defense

Ben Ritz August 22, 2016
Ballooning compensation and health care costs are consuming an increasing portion of the Pentagon's budget, crowding out other important priorities.

Could Fuel Cells Change the Energy Game?

Energy August 17, 2016
Fuel cells hold considerable promise for both the transportation and power sectors, and support for research and commercialization efforts must be priorities.