Panel Explores Turkey’s Political Landscape, Role in the Middle East

National Security July 2, 2015
The discussion examined the implications of Turkey’s general election on the ongoing peace process with the PKK, and its policies on Syria and Iraq.

IAEA Report Shows Iran Not Yet Compliant with Interim Nuclear Pact

Blaise Misztal July 2, 2015
Despite the administration’s assertions that Iran was complying with the interim agreement, it has in fact been in breach for much of the deal’s duration.

What We’re Reading in Health and Housing, July 2

Housing July 2, 2015
BPC's Health and Housing Task Force is sharing recent publications, speeches and testimony we consider relevant to our work.

What We’re Reading in Infrastructure, July 2

Finance July 2, 2015
The staff of BPC's Executive Council on Infrastructure share some recent publications, speeches, and testimony relevant to infrastructure policy and finance.

What We’re Reading in Financial Regulatory Reform, July 2

Finance July 2, 2015
BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative highlights news articles, papers and other important work which illuminate current and new thinking within financial regulation.

Bank Living Wills: Five Years Later, Still in Probate

Dodd-Frank requires all banks with consolidated assets greater than $50 billion (often called “bank SIFIs”) to submit living wills.

Iran Talks: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Blaise Misztal June 29, 2015
Balancing the desire for a diplomatic resolution with the dangers of emboldening Iran or having to concede to a bad deal will be a difficult task.

Kurdish Advance in Syria Reveals U.S.-Turkey Divide

Jessica Michek June 29, 2015
The United States and Turkey, sworn allies in public, reveal undercurrents of friction when it comes to the Kurds in Syria.

The United States Has a New Physical Literacy Plan

Robin Schepper June 26, 2015
The goal is to have implemented physical literacy principles into the programs of all organizations that touch the lives of children in the United States by 2020.

Devil is in the Details in CBO’s Long Term Budget Outlook

Ben Ritz June 25, 2015
Further reductions in discretionary spending cannot compensate for ever-growing entitlement spending or an inefficient tax code that fails to raise sufficient revenue.