Turkey Downing of Russian Jet Underscores Complexity of Syrian Conflict

Even as the facts surrounding the incident continue to emerge, what remains uncertain is Turkey’s possible motivations for such aggression.

Financial Reform Must-Reads, November 24

Finance November 24, 2015
BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative highlights news articles, papers and other important work which illuminate current and new thinking within financial regulation.

Bipartisan Support in Congress Increases for Long-Term SCORE Act

Hannah Martin November 24, 2015
The Long-Term SCORE Act would allow for a more complete accounting of the potential costs and benefits of prevention policies.

Health and Housing Must-Reads, November 23

Housing November 23, 2015
BPC's Senior Health and Housing Task Force is sharing recent publications, speeches and testimony we consider relevant to our work.

Obama’s Immigration Executive Actions: One Year Later

Lazaro Zamora November 20, 2015
While the controversial deferred action programs remain frozen in the courts, several other reforms have been rolled out or otherwise addressed in the past year.

Investing in Innovation is an American Tradition

Jason Grumet, Norman R. Augustine November 20, 2015
The energy sector spends less than half of one percent of sales on R&D, whereas other industries like pharmaceuticals and aerospace/defense spend considerably more.

Refugee Process, Security Screening, and Challenges

Lazaro Zamora, Zuzana Jerabek November 20, 2015
Refugees seeking admission to the United States undergo the most stringent security screening process for anyone entering the country.

Refugees and Asylees in the U.S.: 10 Things You Need to Know

Abigail Kamp November 19, 2015
The immigration system defines two separate pathways for humanitarian relief. Both processes grant people fleeing persecution legal status in the United States.

Stakeholders Discuss Clean Power Plan Compliance Options in the Midcontinent

Erin Smith November 17, 2015
While not all meeting participants supported the EPA’s regulation, they nonetheless came together to plan ahead and consider different implementation pathways.

Immigrant Integration in the U.S. and EU

Abigail Kamp, Zuzana Jerabek November 17, 2015
Some have encouraged the Europeans to look at the United States as a model for immigrant integration.