Analysis: New High-Skilled Immigration Reform Bills

Lazaro Zamora January 29, 2015
Two groups of bipartisan senators introduced legislation to increase higher-skilled, employment-based immigration through several reforms to the legal immigration system.

New CBO Outlook: Deficits to Grow Over Decade

Alex Gold January 26, 2015
The Congressional Budget Office projects that deficits will remain modest through 2018, but will then surge through the latter part of the decade to over $1 trillion in 2025.

Is MyRA the Only Way?

Alex Gold January 26, 2015
Programs designed to help individuals save more have advanced in the administration, in the academic and advocacy community, in Congress, and in the states.

Sony Attack Underscores Evolving Nature of Cyber Threats

Jessica Michek January 23, 2015
The Sony hack illustrates a new reality for corporations: economic security is intertwined with cybersecurity.

FSOC to Consider New Transparency and Process Measures

Aaron Klein, Justin Schardin January 22, 2015
Although they only cover a portion of the concerns about the FSOC, the proposed changes appear to be important steps in the right direction.

State of the Union Against a Nuclear Iran

Blaise Misztal January 21, 2015
Preventing a nuclear Iran is one of the major national security challenges facing the United States for all the reasons the president listed in his speech.

What to Watch for: FSOC’s January 21 Meeting

Justin Schardin, Aaron Klein January 19, 2015
The preliminary agenda includes an open discussion of the FSOC’s process for considering companies for potential designation as systemically important financial institutions.

Policy to Promote Private Investment in Infrastructure Gaining Ground

Aaron Klein January 16, 2015
The administration announced a series of new initiatives to promote infrastructure investment, with a focus on enhancing private sector participation.

What We’re Reading in Financial Regulatory Reform, January 16

Financial Reform January 16, 2015
BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative highlights news articles, papers and other important work which illuminate current and new thinking within financial regulation.

Congressional Fiscal Challenges Abound

Steve Bell January 15, 2015
If the 114th Congress wants to get anything done, bipartisanship is more important than ever.