Artificial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering

Kristofer Readling July 26, 2016
To turn the suspicious activity database into something useful, we need to leverage new technologies that combine the speed of computers with the insight of humans.

IRS Taxpayer Services Improved, But Problems Persist

Ben Ritz July 25, 2016
Many of the problems that taxpayers encounter in dealing with the IRS are the result of its inadequate resources and accompanying cost-saving efforts.

Virginia Rolls Out Voter Registration Modernization at DMV

Tim Harper July 22, 2016
The new system, which will allow customers to register to vote while at the DMV, will bring significant cost savings and accuracy to the registration process.

Measuring Credit Availability and Credit Risk in the Housing Finance System

Michael A. Stegman July 22, 2016
In anticipation of the next debate on housing finance reform, stakeholders must agree on ways to measure how well the existing system is making credit available.

Housing America Series

Andy Winkler July 21, 2016
With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac still lingering in conservatorship and the affordability crisis worsening, it's time to lay the groundwork for real action in 2017.

Why the Pentagon Doesn’t Want an Extra $18 Billion This Year

Sean O’Keefe July 19, 2016
The nature of the Oversees Contingency Operation budget means it fluctuates wildly every year, making it difficult to efficiently plan for long-term requirements.

Turkey Coup Attempt Leaves America With Stark Choice

Blaise Misztal July 18, 2016
The United States did little as Erdoğan consolidated power, but it should now have plenty of evidence of the dangers of ignoring Turkey’s declining democracy.

6 Major Takeaways from CBO’s Budget Outlook

Ben Ritz July 15, 2016
Against the backdrop of a campaign in which both major candidates have offered expensive policy proposals, the report serves as a reminder of future fiscal constraints.

Leaders Call on 2016 Candidates to Prioritize Infrastructure

Jake Varn July 14, 2016
Even in this difficult political environment, infrastructure stands out as one of the few issues on which both parties can agree.

Analysis of The Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act

Shai Akabas, Ben Ritz July 12, 2016
Proportionally adjusting benefits based on an individual’s work history is far more equitable and simpler than the current approach.