Financial Reform Must-Reads, April 29

Finance April 29, 2016
BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative highlights news articles, papers and other important work which illuminate current and new thinking within financial regulation.

Turkish Anti-Armenian Message Campaign Hits Skies and Streets of U.S.

Nicholas Danforth April 22, 2016
The campaign appears motivated by a pugnacious approach to symbolic politics aimed at flaunting Turkey’s position rather than winning sympathy among Americans.

With Health Care in the Spotlight, Experts Discuss Affordability of Medicines

Marisa Workman April 22, 2016
The money spent on prescription drugs as a share of total health care spending has risen in recent years, raising questions about drug prices, costs, and access.

Millennials in Retirement: What Will Happen to Social Security?

Ben Ritz April 19, 2016
Failure to secure the finances of Social Security would place the greatest burden on individuals who can least afford it.

DOE, Clean Line Partnership Represents a Win for Energy Infrastructure

DOE announced that it would participate in the Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project, a direct current line that would deliver wind energy to the southeastern U.S.

Regulators, Banks Move to New Stage on Living Wills

The Fed and the FDIC gave the five banks whose plans were deemed “not credible” until October 1 to make them acceptable to those agencies.

Cuban Migration Surge Continues in New Fiscal Year

Lazaro Zamora April 15, 2016
The recent lifting of travel restrictions on Cuban citizens by the Castro government is likely to have spurred some of the increased land travel to the U.S.

Lawmakers Once Again Miss Key Budget Deadline

Ben Ritz April 15, 2016
Not only is Congress frequently late in adopting a budget; in some years, it forgoes the process altogether—and the trend is getting worse.

Will Cheaper Mail Kill the Post Office as You Know It?

Mark White April 13, 2016
There is widespread agreement that something has to change at USPS. What exactly that should be, however, is still very much a live debate.

New BPC Effort Explores Ways to Drive Prevention-Oriented Care

Lisel Loy, Caitlin Krutsick April 11, 2016
Although some schools are making progress, meaningful reform will require systemic changes in how we train health professionals and how we pay for preventive care.