Goals Diverge and Perils Remain as U.S. and Turkey Take on ISIS

National Security / News July 27, 2015
One area of concern about the engagement against ISIS is that Turkish forces seemed to be at least as interested in waging a campaign against Kurdish militants.

Is Congress inching toward functionality?

Governance / News July 21, 2015
Bit by bit, the gears are moving more smoothly, according to the “Healthy Congress Index,” compiled by the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Tracking the ‘health’ of Congress

Governance / News July 21, 2015
Congress continues to show small measures of progress in how the institution is being run, according to a new report.

Former budget leaders push Congress to revamp process

Economy / News July 20, 2015
Two former leaders in the congressional budget process are laying out their recommendations for reforming a process that say “urgently needs repair.”

Jason Grumet: Congress Reinvigorating Rules of the Road

Governance / News July 20, 2015
We see a glimmer of effective governance that contradicts the narrative of congressional incompetence as an embedded feature of our democracy.

Where the U.S. Caved to Get Iran to Sign

National Security / News July 17, 2015
The concessions involving Iran's development of advanced centrifuges starting in year eight are particularly alarming.

Nuclear deal with Iran scrutinized by experts

National Security / News July 17, 2015
The diplomats who negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran always knew that if they succeeded, it would come under heavy scrutiny.

Immigration in America: The real debate

Immigration / News July 17, 2015
Most research indicates that foreign-born residents commit fewer crimes per capita, not more, than natives.

New U.S. president would struggle to ruin Iran deal, experts say

National Security / News July 14, 2015
Threats by Republican presidential candidates to scrap the nuclear agreement look difficult to carry out even if the party wins control of the White House.

New national monument blocks rail route to Yucca

Energy / News July 13, 2015
Besides preserving desert valleys, a new federal conservation area carries another impact: It blocks a priority shipping route to Yucca Mountain.