14 years of war and we still haven't learned the right lesson

National Security / News November 18, 2015
Force won't succeed until we defeat the ideology that gives rise to Islamist terrorism, say 9/11 Commission Chairman Tom Kean and Vice Chair Lee Hamilton.

BPC’s Misztal discusses growing ISIS threat

National Security / News November 17, 2015
Blaise Misztal discussed the growing threat of ISIS and the group's ability to take advantage of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Saving Lives, Strengthening Nations

National Security / News November 9, 2015
At a time when many Americans are frustrated with government, we should remind them about one of the great accomplishments of a generation.

Forget rates, the Fed needs to weigh in on pot

Finance / News November 6, 2015
Some bank regulators are trying to cut off access to the payment system for banks that have marijuana businesses as customers, while others are allowing it.

Want to reach your doc? Many Americans would use email or text — but can’t

Health / News November 3, 2015
The digital technology that many Americans use in often very busy lives still plays but a bit role when it comes to their health care.

Reauthorize the Older Americans Act

Housing / News October 28, 2015
Enhancing the ability of our nation’s seniors to “age in place” in their own homes and communities has the potential to improve health outcomes and quality of life.

How will the candidates help small business?

Finance / News October 27, 2015
To this day, banks are lending less to small businesses than before the crisis, despite five years of economic recovery.

Paul Ryan should give the right more input, not less — and here’s why

Governance / News October 26, 2015
The most commonly heard criticism of outgoing Republican House Speaker John Boehner is that he has allowed himself to be held hostage by the far right of his party.

Federal Reserve dividends: Wrong road for a highway funding fix

Finance / News October 26, 2015
Tying Federal Reserve dividend reductions to transportation creates a path for other unrelated demands to tap the Fed.

Study shows amendments are nearly extinct in the House

Governance / News October 21, 2015
House leaders have brought to the floor only six bills under an “open” process that allows anyone to offer amendments, less than 10% of the total bills.