No Debt Limit Pressure Till Mid-Summer 2017

Economy / News September 14, 2016

Lawmakers won’t have to take action on the federal government’s debt limit again until at least the middle of the summer of 2017.

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Tom Fanning: Energy Security Boosts Economic, National Security

Energy / News September 13, 2016

Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning sat down with SiriusXM’s Tim Farley to outline his vision for U.S. energy policy and discuss new ways to increase energy security.

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The government is unprepared for a cyber attack

National Security / News September 10, 2016

Unfortunately, the complacency and inaction that led to 9/11 may be repeating—not in counterterrorism, but in the cyber realm.

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9/11 Commission chairmen: Terror threat worse now than in 2001

National Security / News September 9, 2016

The approach of the past 15 years, dominated by military counterterrorism operations, will not suffice.

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Congress struggles with full agenda before November elections

Economy / News September 6, 2016

Lawmakers return to Washington Tuesday facing a daunting to-do list after being on recess, but the outcome of the election will likely determine their top priorities.

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Real Action Possible Despite Polarization

Governance / News September 2, 2016

BPC President Jason Grumet and author Jonathan Rauch joined host Tim Farley to offer unconventional ideas to break the gridlock in Washington.

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Clinton right on infrastructure, but more needed

Finance / News September 1, 2016

Trust in government is at all-time lows; rebuilding the country can show the American people that their tax dollars can be spent wisely and effectively.

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The right prescription for biomedical innovation

Health / News September 1, 2016

In today’s world of “precision medicine,” when treatments will be increasingly customized, capturing similar findings from real-world use will be more important than ever.

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U.S. tries to stop unraveling Syria strategy

National Security / News August 29, 2016

The Turkish offensive has again exposed the vastly different, often competing objectives of America’s allies in the five-year-old conflict in Syria.

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Congresswoman presses regulators on Volcker Rule data

Finance / News August 29, 2016

The Volcker Rule has proved to be one of the most closely watched and contentious pieces of the financial regulatory overhaul that followed the financial crisis.

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