Congress is getting some stuff done. It’s so rare that everyone is noticing.

Governance / News April 22, 2015
There’s a lot of self congratulating going around Capitol Hill these days — members of Congress are, in not-so-insignificant ways, doing their jobs.

Aaron Klein: GE Finance Move Could Shed ‘Systemically Important’ Label

Financial Reform / News April 21, 2015
Aaron Klein of Bipartisan Policy Center discusses the potential sale of part of General Electric’s finance business and the company’s distinction as “systemically important.” He speaks on “Market Makers.”

It’s Not Your Imagination: Congress Really Is Working More

Governance / News April 21, 2015
Lawmakers are showing up to work more and doing more while they're there, according to a new analysis from the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Congress may be getting ‘healthier,’ new study finds

Governance / News April 20, 2015
Congress is creaking its way toward greater workability, with lawmakers putting in more days in Washington and the Senate allowing more debate.

Is Congress any more productive than it used to be?

Governance / News April 20, 2015
After previous sessions characterized by government shutdowns and legislative gridlock, the 114th Congress is showing strides towards effectiveness in its first 90 days.

Glimmers of Hope on the Hill

Governance / News April 20, 2015
It is now possible to say that we are seeing signs that the institution of Congress may be becoming a bit less dysfunctional than it has been in recent years.

New study suggests a ‘healthier’ Congress

Governance / News April 19, 2015
The new Congress is showing early signs that lawmakers are working more and allowing more input from both parties in the Senate, a new report finds.

Congress and the Terrific, Honorable, Very Good, Not Bad Day

Governance / News April 16, 2015
Buds of bipartisanship offer signs that the legislative process is coming back to life after years of political gridlock, says BPC President Jason Grumet.

Vulnerable Voting Machine Raises Questions About Election Security

Governance / News April 16, 2015
Computer security experts have warned for years that some voting machines are vulnerable to attack.

House GOP leaders pick loyalists for budget talks

Economy / News April 14, 2015
House GOP leaders are breaking with tradition by nominating Budget Committee members from across the seniority spectrum to serve as negotiators with the Senate on a final spending blueprint.