New study suggests a ‘healthier’ Congress

Governance / News April 19, 2015
The new Congress is showing early signs that lawmakers are working more and allowing more input from both parties in the Senate, a new report finds.

Congress and the Terrific, Honorable, Very Good, Not Bad Day

Governance / News April 16, 2015
Buds of bipartisanship offer signs that the legislative process is coming back to life after years of political gridlock, says BPC President Jason Grumet.

Vulnerable Voting Machine Raises Questions About Election Security

Governance / News April 16, 2015
Computer security experts have warned for years that some voting machines are vulnerable to attack.

House GOP leaders pick loyalists for budget talks

Economy / News April 14, 2015
House GOP leaders are breaking with tradition by nominating Budget Committee members from across the seniority spectrum to serve as negotiators with the Senate on a final spending blueprint.

Lawmaker suggests ‘grand bargain’ to allow oil exports

Energy / News April 14, 2015
The discussion — led by Reps. Joaquin Castro and Brad Sherman — hinted at a possible path forward for big legislative changes to the 1970s-era trade restrictions.

GOP: Budget deal a cinch

Economy / News April 11, 2015
House and Senate Republicans are expected to blow past a Wednesday deadline to merge their competing budgets, but they’re confident they’ll strike a deal not long after.

GE Looks to Check Out of ‘Hotel California’ of Added Federal Oversight

Financial Reform / News April 10, 2015
General Electric Co.'s decision to slim down its GE Capital unit poses the first real-world test of whether a “systemically important financial institution” can ever jettison that label.

Nuke deal ‘fact sheets’ vary between US, Iran, others

National Security / News April 9, 2015
Officials and pundits have repeatedly emphasized that the devil is in the details for an Iran nuclear deal, but there may also be demons in the basics.

The Yucca ‘Albatross’

Energy / News April 9, 2015
The consequence of a congressional stalemate is clearly visible in the nearly 75,000 metric tons of spent radioactive fuel that rest in the shadows of the nation’s nuclear power plants.

ISIS in Damascus: Fighting in Syrian capital a new threat

National Security / News April 8, 2015
The arrival of ISIS fighters in Syria's capital raises the stakes for the broader region, bringing the terror group closer to some of the region's last stable countries.