US defends strategy in Yemen and Iraq but diplomats admit: it’s a mess

National Security / News March 26, 2015
Intervention in Yemen, where Houthi rebels were attacked with the backing of Washington, appears at odds with support for pro-Iranian forces in Iraq.

Medicare bill: How 11 minutes of bipartisanship solved 12 years of frustration

Health / News March 26, 2015
It took exactly 11 minutes for John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi to strike a broad deal on the first structural reform of Medicare since President Obama took office.

Did Dodd-Frank Create a ‘Hotel California’?

Financial Reform / News March 25, 2015
Once a U.S. company is designated a “systemically important financial institution,” is there anything it can do to shake that label?

Robb and Wald: Bipartisanship is our strongest ally against Iran

National Security / News March 24, 2015
Preventing a nuclear weapons-capable Iran has always been a bipartisan priority. And it can only be achieved through bipartisanship.

Obama shifts gears on nuclear waste; Yucca impact uncertain

Energy / News March 24, 2015
The Obama memorandum authorized the Department of Energy to move forward on planning a defense-only repository.

Senators push bipartisan bill to build nuclear waste dump

Energy / News March 24, 2015
A bipartisan team of senators introduced a bill Tuesday aimed at breaking the decades-long standoff over the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump.

US DOE to begin to move on nuclear waste issue this year: Moniz

Energy / News March 24, 2015
Moniz announced the administration's plan during an address at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Glickman and Shalala: The ENRICH Act will provide better tools to fight obesity epidemic

Health / News March 23, 2015
Although two in three Americans are overweight or obese, only one in eight patients visiting doctors receives counseling on the benefits of a healthy diet.

No virtue in reaching the debt ceiling: Holtz-Eakin

Economy / News March 20, 2015
Another estimate from the Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that the government won't run out of borrowing ability until December 31.

BPC aims to develop recommendations for speeding medical innovation

Health / News March 18, 2015
BPC kicked off its FDA: Advancing Medical Innovation initiative, with the first session addressing how to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of medical products.