Obama, GOP in blame game over financial nominees

Finance / News August 30, 2015
About a dozen key financial oversight positions in the Obama administration are vacant amid fears that they won’t be filled until after Obama leaves office.

ISIL fight forces U.S. to choose between allies

National Security / News August 28, 2015
As the U.S. and Turkey launch airstrikes to oust ISIS from a stretch of northern Syria, they appear at odds over the role of a critical fighting force: the Kurds.

Obama’s last hope for GOP support on Iran: Susan Collins

National Security / News August 26, 2015
Senate Republicans are united in their opposition to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran — with one exception.

Aaron Klein: Stock market volatility is not a financial panic

Finance / News August 25, 2015
Aaron Klein reflects on the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis and discusses the implications of recent stock market volatility.

Trump, ‘Anchor Babies’ and the GOP’s Birthright Boondoggle

Immigration / News August 21, 2015
Some of Trump's fellow Republican presidential candidates agree with him on an issue that was long considered extreme.

To restore infrastructure, private sector must step up

Finance / News August 18, 2015
Unlike government, the private sector does have the cash, as well as the investing expertise. It even has the appetite to finance projects and build them today.

Iran Skeptics Have A New Bargaining Chip

National Security / News August 18, 2015
Congress could withhold funding that a critical agency needs to enforce the nuclear deal.

Nominations Backlog Grows

Finance / News August 14, 2015
Gridlock hampers the Obama administration’s ability to fill financial posts in a timely manner.

The second dispute with Congress that could derail Obama’s Iran deal

National Security / News August 12, 2015

Behind the showdown between President Barack Obama and Congress over the Iran nuclear deal is a second dispute that could cost the White House allies it needs to ensure the agreement survives: Whether and when to renew a key law that imposes sanctions on Tehran.

Debt drama looms for Congress

Economy / News August 9, 2015
Congress has a long list of unfinished business for the fall, with highway funding, tax legislation, a budget deal and a spending package all awaiting action.