How a presidential candidate decides on a vice president, explained

Governance / News April 29, 2016
The Bipartisan Policy Center report figures that you should allow for about two months, at a minimum, for a thorough vetting process.

28 pages, no smoking gun: 9/11 Commission chairmen

News / News April 27, 2016
The 28 pages have generated a lot of speculation and have been described as a “smoking gun” implicating the Saudi government in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Why the 2016 veepstakes could be the most chaotic in decades

Governance / News April 25, 2016
Here's an overlooked consequence to the protracted nomination fights: a historically short period of time for the nominees to vet his or her vice presidential options.

Campaign Veterans Offer Ideas to Improve VP Selection Process

Governance / News April 25, 2016
Robert Bauer, Charles Black, Anita Dunn, and Matt Rhoades discussed the vice-presidential selection process and presented new recommendations on the topic to the 2016 candidates.

Choosing vice presidential candidates needs to start soon

Governance / News April 22, 2016
For the presidential campaigns, beginning early and devoting adequate time to vetting and selecting a running mate has never been as important as it is this year.

Get moving on vetting vice-presidential candidates, report urges

Governance / News April 22, 2016
As recent vice presidents have played more central roles in presidential administrations, the process of picking them has become somewhat more orderly — but not always.

On Weed Day, banks caught between pot and the law

Finance / News April 20, 2016
But it's becoming clearer that banking, anti-money laundering, and marijuana laws and regulations have not kept up with the changing views on weed.

A Vice Presidential Free-for-All?

Governance / News April 20, 2016
Although most of the delegates will be bound by their states to vote for a certain presidential candidate on the first ballot, none of them are required to vote for any candidate for vice president.

Investment a prescription for Detroit's health crisis

Health / News April 14, 2016
Flint’s lead-contaminated drinking water reinforces the importance of a functional public health infrastructure in safeguarding communities.

Primary-care practitioners will be key players in the value-based transformation of health care

Health / News April 9, 2016
The current delivery and payment landscape does not allow providers to spend the amount of time they need to examine patients or reflect on their cases.