Thomas H. Jackson

Thomas H. Jackson, who served as president of the University of Rochester from 1994 until 2005, is currently a Distinguished University Professor at the University. Previous academic appointments were vice president and provost at the University of Virginia (1991-1994), dean of the University of Virginia School of Law (1988-1991), professor at Harvard Law School (1986-88), and professor at Stanford Law School (1977-1986), where he started his academic career following clerkships with Justice William H. Rehnquist at the Supreme Court of the United States (1976-77) and with Marvin E. Frankel of the U.S. district court for the Southern District of New York (1975-76). He has served as special counsel to law firms in San Francisco and Boston, and was appointed a Special Master by the Supreme Court of the United States to deal with a 50-state dispute involving ownership of unclaimed dividends and other corporate distributions. Jackson is a graduate of Williams College and Yale Law School. He is the author of numerous articles in bankruptcy, secured transactions, and contracts, as well as The Logic and Limits of Bankruptcy Law (Harvard U. Press 1986), and Cases, Problems, and Materials on Bankruptcy (with Barry Adler and Douglas Baird; Foundation Press 4th edition 2007). Recently, his scholarship has focused on ways of improving bankruptcy law as a mechanism to deal with the failure of systemically important financial institutions.